Here’s What You Favorite Characters In ‘The Walking Dead’ Did Before The Apocalypse

While these days the characters of have important jobs like kicking zombie ass, learning , or carrying out , once upon time they were all normal folk, going about normal jobs.

Yep, it’s hard to remember that tough-as-nails Carol was once a housewife, or but they were. So what else did our favorite Walking Dead characters do in the pre-apocalypse world? Well, it might surprised you. Check it out:


Rick back in Season 1 [AMC]

Rick back in Season 1 [AMC]

In the TV series: Sheriff’s deputy

In the comic series: Police officer


Carl prior to his eye injury [AMC]

Carl prior to his eye injury [AMC]

In the TV series: Middle School student

In the comic series: Elementary School student


In the TV series: Drifter

In the comic series: Daryl isn’t in the comics!


Glenn in Season 6 [AMC]

Glenn in Season 6 [AMC]

In the TV series: Pizza delivery boy

In the comic series: Pizza delivery boy


In the TV series: House wife

In the comic series: House wife


Maggie in Season 6 [AMC]

Maggie in Season 6 [AMC]

In the TV series: Farm hand and possibly also a college student

In the comic series: Farm hand and former college student


Michonne in Season 6 [AMC]

Michonne in Season 6 [AMC]

In the TV series: We’re not exactly sure what Michonne did pre-apocalypse though we do know she was well read, cultured and very smart. She was also a mother to three-year-old Andre.

In the comic series: Lawyer


In the TV series: It’s unknown what Morgan did before the apocalypse, though he has shown skills in craftsmanship, welding and building.

In the comic series: Morgan appears in the comic series, but his pre-apocalypse occupation is not revealed.


Sasha in Season 6 [AMC]

Sasha in Season 6 [AMC]

In the TV series: Firefighter

In the comic series: Sasha isn’t in the comics!


In the TV series: Sergeant in the U.S. Army

In the comic series: Sergeant in the U.S. Army and also a sports coach


Rosita in Season 6 [AMC]

Rosita in Season 6 [AMC]

In the TV series: It hasn’t been revealed in the TV series what Rosita did before the outbreak. However she seems to have had past military experience, and also knowledge of engineering and mechanics.

In the comic series: Rosita’s former occupation is not revealed.


Eugene in Season 6 [AMC]

Eugene in Season 6 [AMC]

In the TV series: We’ve not been told Eugene’s pre-apocalypse career, though we do know that he is extremely well read, knowledgeable about science and manufacturing, and also an avid video game fan.

In the comic series: High School science teacher


Tara [AMC]

Tara [AMC]

In the TV series: Police Academy student

In the comic series: This version of Tara isn’t in the comics, though there is a character called Tara in the comic series who is a member of the Saviors.


In the TV series: A priest

In the comic series: He’s referred to as a reverend


Aaron armed and dangerous [AMC]

Aaron armed and dangerous [AMC]

In the TV series: worked in politics before joining an non-government organization (NGO) in Africa

In the comic series: It’s unknown what Aaron did for a living before the apocalypse

Which characters pre-apocalypse career surprised you the most?

They had no idea


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