Hodor Saying Hodor Is The ‘Game of Thrones’ Video You Truly Need Today

(Warning: The following contains major SPOILERS for pretty much every episode of Game of Thrones ever screened, right up to Episode Five of the current season. Proceed with whatever level of caution your friendly neighborhood three-eyed raven suggests is wise…)

Now, in , if a little light on , it’s perhaps best to take a step back from fretting about , and to instead take a trip down memory lane. HBO, it seems, had much the same idea, since the latest Game of Thrones-themed video to arrive from the broadcaster is…well, let’s just say it features a whole lot of Hodor, and might just trigger a whole lot of emotion.

That’s right…

HBO Just Released a Supercut of Hodor Saying “Hodor”

The only problem of course being that what starts out as an adorable pile of Hodors Saying “Hodor” takes a turn for the horrifyingly sad right about the time Hodor gets left holding that door.

Now, of course, there’s always the possibility – nay, probability – of us seeing Hodor return to Game of Thrones in some sort of flashback, but for now, that final shot remains utterly heartbreaking. All the more so in the above video, in fact, since it follows so many reminders of Hodor’s faithful, unquestioning service to House Stark (and Bran in particular).

Let’s just hope he doesn’t turn up as part of the Night King’s army anytime soon (or that he does, if you’re in the ‘revenge for Hodor’ camp’)…

What do you reckon, though?

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