Holding Out For A Hero – 10 DC Superheroes Who Could Save ‘Suicide Squad 2’

There was a time when the number of successful superhero movies released was shorter than Harley Quinn’s hot pants, but after Marvel reinvigorated interest in comic book adaptations, we suddenly reached a point where industry names such as Steven Spielberg argued that there were too many superhero films in cinemas.

We're all one more bad DC film away from this [Via Warner Bros.]

We’re all one more bad DC film away from this [Via Warner Bros.]

In response to this potential ‘superhero fatigue’, the likes of Marvel and DC have begun to pore through their vaults for anti-heroes who provide a fresh spin on this comic book renaissance, selling tickets with badass names like Deadpool and Suicide Squad on the posters.

However, David Ayer’s first foray into comic book filmmaking experienced a number of bizarre difficulties on set, including and from Now that Suicide Squad has finally been released, it looks set to , but could still harm it’s overall box office run.

Joker don’t give a damn [Via Warner Bros.]

While this doesn’t mean that audiences are already tired of seeing anti-heroes on the big screen — and the Punisher are currently fan favorites over at Netflix — it certainly wouldn’t hurt to throw a few more honest to god superheroes into the mix when . We’ve already seen Batman and the Flash pop up briefly in Ayer’s first DCEU blockbuster, but what about all of the superheroes who have actually been official Suicide Squad members in the comics?

1. Speedy/Arsenal

Colton Haynes needs to go ginge ASAP [Via DC Comics]

Colton Haynes needs to go ginge ASAP [Via DC Comics]

The unfortunately-named Speedy used to be most famous for becoming addicted to drugs Green Arrow, but now that is set to return to CW’s Arrow show in , the character’s star has begun to rise once again.

In the comics, Speedy briefly fought alongside the Suicide Squad after disbanded, all while also serving government agencies and working as a private investigator. Including Roy Harper in Suicide Squad could be the perfect way to bring the world of Green Arrow onto the big screen without treading on the toes of CW’s show and let’s face it — Archery trumps knot making any day of the week.

2. Vixen

Wolf breast ghosts is totally a superpower now [Via CW.]

Wolf breast ghosts is totally a superpower now [Via CW.]

Speedy’s not the only CW stalwart to previously serve in the ranks of Suicide Squad. When she’s not working with the Justice League, Vixen previously joined the likes of Captain Boomerang and Black Orchid after she lost control over her animalistic instincts and killed her man.

At one point, Vixen even began to date a fellow team member, the Bronze Tiger, but the two failed to make it work and eventually, the former model returned to the Justice League. , but there’s more than enough room for both her and Vixen to work together or even clash in a future sequel.

3. Oracle/Batgirl

Urgh, not again Joker! [Via DC Comics.]

Urgh, not again Joker! [Via DC Comics.]

Fans new to the world of comics may have just learned that the Joker paralysed Batgirl thanks to the new , but what they may not realise is that Barbara Gordon became an even more prominent hero after in the role of Oracle, a computer hacker who assists the majority of DC’s heroes in battle.

Back in 1988, a hacker appeared in name only, helping the Squad over the next year, until it was revealed that Oracle was in fact the former Batgirl. After this revelation came to light, Oracle continued to aid the Suicide Squad on their missions, even taking over as the leader for a short time while Amanda Waller was incapacitated.

Rumors suggest that , helping the likes of Supergirl and the Flash, but it’s hard not to be excited at the idea of Oracle appearing in Suicide Squad 2, especially given her traumatic past with the Joker.

4. Atom (Adam Cray)

Take that, Ant-Man! [Via DC Comics]

Take that, Ant-Man! [Via DC Comics]

Who would have thought that the pulpy CW shows would have much in common with DC’s premier super villain team? While the Atom who joined the Suicide Squad in the comics isn’t the same as Brandon Routh’s Atom from Legends of Tomorrow, both share the ability to shrink to microscopic size.

However, this particular incarnation of Atom only stepped into the role briefly in order to distract villains from the real Atom’s infiltration of a secret super villain sect. As if that wasn’t confusing enough, Adam Cray’s newfound teammates didn’t know he existed either — this new Atom used his powers in secret to help the Squad before he suffered an untimely death at the hands of Blacksnake.

Just imagine him jumping off the end of Harley Quinn’s iconic bat as he enters the fray. Make it happen DC.

5. Superboy

Yes, that shark-man is wearing oddly tight underwear. You're seeing this right. [Via DC Comics]

Yes, that shark-man is wearing oddly tight underwear. You’re seeing this right. [Via DC Comics]

Batgirl and Speedy aren’t the only spin-off characters to fight alongside the Suicide Squad on their most dangerous missions. Back in 1993, Superboy temporarily joined the team after his villainous yet undoubtedly sexy love interest Knockout did the same. Together, the two crazy love birds took down the Silicon Dragons criminal organisation with the Suicide Squad’s help.

It may be a while before we see Superboy hit the big screen, but when we do, let’s just hope that Warner Bros. steer away from this bizarre ’90s attempt at being hip and relevant, choosing to instead work with the more recent version of Kon-El who appeared on the Young Justice show.


He's the guy with the hammer. [Via DC Comics]

He’s the guy with the hammer. [Via DC Comics]

The Suicide Squad sure does like to recruit those ’90s Superman knock-offs. In this case, John Henry Irons tried his best to emulate Superman with extraordinary feats of engineering, but in the end, Steel came out looking far more like an Iron Man wannabe who accidentally wandered over to DC.

However, if you ignore his similarity to Superman/Iron Man, Steel is actually a surprisingly interesting hero, which is probably why President Lex Luthor — don’t ask — decided to appoint him as the overseer of a new Suicide Squad whose ranks included the likes of Chemo, Mongul and Plasmus.

In the comics, Steel’s version of the Suicide Squad sought to use Doomsday as a weapon, but we’ve seen more than enough of Superman’s murderer onscreen for now, so let’s just throw Stee; into the mix as a far more interesting version of Rick Flag instead.

7-10. JSA’s Hawkman, Power Girl, Wildcat & Star-Spangled Girl

i.e. The old man's Justice League [Via DC Comics]

i.e. The old man’s Justice League [Via DC Comics]

The JSA occupy a strange place in comics. While they technically appeared before the Justice League, acting as their official predecessors, the similarly named Justice Society of America have since fallen in prominence, despite featuring some of DC’s most iconic heavy hitters.

In one particularly memorable Suicide Squad run, four members of the JSA were drafted into working alongside the villainous team, including Hawkman, Power Girl, Wildcat and Star-Spangled Girl.

In summary, Hawkman is the same as that guy who always flies and dies in Legends of Tomorrow, Power Girl is a parallel universe version of , Wildcat is the boxer who trained and Star-Spangled Girl? She owns a staff that shoots stars with her robotic buddy S.T.R.I.P.E. (See what they did there?)

Dat costume doe. [Via DC Comics]

Dat costume doe. [Via DC Comics]

While most of these characters have links with CW’s Flarrowverse, like every other hero ever invented it seems, any one of these characters could be an interesting addition to Suicide Squad 2. Out of the four though, Hawkman and Power Girl have the most potential of making it alongside DC’s favorite anti-heroes, as both are fiercely strong characters who can easily hold their own alongside and co.

It might seem contradictory to include a superhero in a line-up of villains, but the dynamic between any one of these comic book members of the team and the likes of could add an extra dynamic that Suicide Squad 2 sorely needs after in the first one.

Did you know that these superheroes have all been members of Suicide Squad in the comics? Would you like to see any of these characters join the team in Suicide Squad 2? Let us know!


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