Holy Accuracy Batman! 11 Of The Most Accurate Comic Book To Movie Costumes

When it comes to our favorite superhero movies, one thing we like to look for is accuracy. Filmmakers tweaking famous storylines in order to give us something we don’t always expect, is acceptable. If it weren’t for that, we could just read the comic books to find out what happens in each film. But one thing that has been hard, and at sometimes impossible to accept, is a costume change. For most fans of the superhero genre, accuracy in the costume department is a must.

On more than one occasion, a handful of filmmakers have shown that bringing realism into the film and into the character doesn’t always involve straying away from the source material. Some costumes were given slight changes, while others didn’t miss a beat. With that being said, here are some of the most accurate comic book to movie costumes that we’ve seen on the big screen!

11. Superman (Superman 1978)

In 1978 we were given a wonderful depiction of one of the worlds greatest superheroes. Christopher Reeves portrayed the Man of Steel, earning himself a legacy that will always deem him as the original Superman. The suit he wore to save the world is probably one of the most accurate comic book to movie costumes ever worn.

From the classic colors and style of the boots, to the red underwear – this costume was taken right out of the pages. (And yes, the curl totally counts as part of the costume.)

10. Rorschach (Watchmen 2009)

In Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, he brought the world renown graphic novel to life. In one of my favorite comic book movies to date, accuracy was the name of the game. While there were some compromises for realism, one character that came straight from the pages to the screen (other than the naked and unashamed Dr. Manhattan) was Rorschach.

With a simple signature look, it was impossible to get this one wrong. A trench coat, sweet mask, slacks, dress shoes, and a hat to top it off: couple hundred bucks. The looks on fans faces when they saw how accurate this costume was: priceless.

9. Iron Man (Iron Man 2008)

Just like Christopher Reeves was Superman, Robert Downey Jr. was Iron Man. After the release of Iron Man, fans finally got a Marvel movie that was going to stick – one that was going to be apart of a much larger universe. This fan favorite made accuracy a priority, making it a contender for the top spot on everyone’s list of favorite Marvel movies.

Although we have seen Tony don multiple suits in the MCU, there’s no doubt that they are fairly accurate to the ones we have seen him wear in the comics.

8. Hellboy (Hellboy 2004)

Created by writer-artist Mike Mignola, Hellboy made his first appearance in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 back in August of 1993. 11 years later, the character was brought to life in a live-action film. Hellboy’s awesomeness as well as comic book accuracy was celebrated immediately after the films release.

Clipped horns: check. Sweet trench coat that flows in the wind: check. High level of awesomeness: check.

7. The Hulk (Hulk 2003)

Now I know the only clothing that this behemoth wears, are a pair of pants (thank God) but it still counts as part of a costume! In the Hulk’s first film appearance (the TV movie from 1988 doesn’t count) we saw a fairly accurate depiction of our favorite rage monster.

The Hulk is famously known for rocking a pair of purple bottoms and in this film, that’s exactly what we got. Now where Banner gets pants with that kind of elasticity is beyond me.

6. Kick-Ass (Kick-Ass 2010)

Written by Mark Millar and illustrated by John Romita Jr., Kick-Ass made his first appearance in 2008. Just two years later, it was brought to life on the big screen. With such a simple costume, there is no way the filmmakers could have got this one wrong. Being one of the more grounded characters on the list, Kick-Ass sported one of the most comic book accurate costumes in his on screen debut.

5. Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man 2 2014)

Although this wasn’t the most well-received comic book film out there, it did get one thing right – Spidey’s spandex. Oh yeah, and Gwen Stacy’s death. Anyways, from the black webbing on his suit, to the separation of the red and blue, TAS2 gave us an accurate comic to movie costume.

Despite not being similar to the first suit Spidey has donned, we can tell by the design that the film drew inspiration from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. Put these two next to each other, and you’ll be able to see one of the few things that this film got right.

4. Thor (Thor 2011)

In the God of Thunders first outing, he came onto the scene with a costume that was recognizably comic book accurate. The film may not have been the best of the franchise, but there’s no doubt it’s visual accuracy pleased fans. The cape is probably the best part, aside from the hammer.

The only thing missing, is the winged helmet that Thor has been known to wear. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the cut. I assume it would have looked ridiculous in live-action, so they decided to trash the idea.

3. Deadpool (Deadpool 2016)

In one of the most gruesome yet hilarious comic book movies to date, Deadpool gave us one of the most accurate costumes. His mouth wasn’t sown shut (luckily), he didn’t have lasers coming out of his eyes, and neither did he have swords coming from his hands.

We were not only given an accurate depiction of the fan favorite character, but a more than accurate costume. We can see the well-placed holsters, the awesome logo on his belt and of course, the white eyes. Although his face is covered, Deadpool is never without expression, and the filmmakers did a great job at making that possible.

2. Black Panther (Captain America: Civil War 2016)

The King of Wakanda made a wonderful first impression on us in Civil War by showing off his physical prowess, and more. Ever since the concept art of this powerful character had been released, fans were assured that we would be getting a visually accurate Black Panther.

In the film, we can see different patterns on the costume, making it look like an actual suit made up of vibranium! Pretty neat if you ask me.

1. Batman (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016)

In one of my favorite comic book movies (please don’t judge me) we saw the big and brooding Batman that we have all been waiting for. Not only that, but we got a pretty spot on comic book costume out of the deal! The film drew a lot of inspiration from the well-known graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, made famous by writer Frank Miller.

In both the graphic novel and the film, the costume has quite the experience; around two decades of experience to be exact. With the classic black and grey, short ears, and fat-bat insignia, the suit we saw on the pages came to life on the big screen, in all of its glory.

When it comes to comic book movies, accuracy does not go unnoticed! Hopefully we will continue to see nothing but accuracy in the comic book movies to come.

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