How ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie’ Will Make You Want To Re-Watch The Entire Series

With Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie having the biggest opening for a British film in the UK since the last James Bond film, as well as receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews, it’s no wonder that fans would be left wanting more. Having seen the film, I can say with all honesty that it .

It took everything that made the TV series great and amplified it. With the amazing Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley playing their roles perfectly, it’s no wonder I felt like going back to re-watch the legendary series when I was done.

Fabulous darling!

With the film set for release in the United States this week, let’s take a look at some of the many ways that Ab Fab: The Movie will make you want to re-watch the original series.

The Obscene Humor

Saunders and Lumley in the original "Ab Fab" series.

Saunders and Lumley in the original “Ab Fab” series.

Let’s face it, the humor in Absolutely Fabulous is completely off the wall. There’s just something so incredibly obscene and exaggerated about it and it gets us every single time. The film managed to replicate this perfectly — the trailer alone reeks of that legendary Ab Fab feeling: Edina and Patsy get themselves into another hilariously salacious situation. This sounds like the majority of the glorious episodes of the TV series.

The series has that amazing ability to make you laugh no matter how many times you watch the episodes. Whether it’s your first time viewing it or you’re a devoted fan who can see the gags coming from a mile away because you remember it from your last binge session, you can’t help but laugh hysterically. There are too many moments to choose from: Edina constantly melting out of cars, Patsy collapsing after a bender or one of Mother’s perfectly timed quips.

The Cast And Characters

Throwback: Lumley, Saunders and Whitfield.

Throwback: Lumley, Saunders and Whitfield.

The best thing about Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is that the entire main cast return to reprise their beloved characters. Saunders and Lumley are once again joined by Julia Sawalha, Jane Horrocks and the incomparable June Whitfield who reprise their roles of Saffron, Bubble and Mothe’. Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness and make pleasant additions to the little family as Lola and Christopher.

With the entire cast returning, it isn’t long before we see those trademark insults and undeniable chemistry. After 20 years, things are exactly the same on the big screen as they were in the pilot episode of the series. After watching the film and seeing the chemistry between these characters, it’s likely that you’ll want to go back and revisit the series. After all, seeing how these characters’ respective journeys end (for now), why not go back to start to see how it all began. Again.

It’s a no-brainer, right?

The Dialogue

What’s that sweetie? The dialogue in the Absolutely Fabulous film is quite simply fabulous? Why, yes it is! Because it’s exactly the same as the memorable dialogue from the series. Jennifer Saunders has managed to re-create the magic here perfectly. A single “sweetie” or “darling” is enough to throw you back to the very first episode when these characters first became a part of our lives.

The series was rife with indulgent, over the top dialogue between the two characters that never, ever stopped making us laugh. Saunders’ genius never wavered and, with that in mind, we should honor this incredibly well-written dialogue by revisiting the series to watch in awe one more time.

Patsy’s Insults

These days on television, we see a wide range of compelling characters, some of them incredibly relatable while others are just unlikable. But let me make this very clear: There’s quite simply nobody like the enigmatic Patsy Stone. For the past 20 years, Joanna Lumley has been on fire, delivering insult after hilarious insult. And that doesn’t change at all in the film. But after those 90 minutes fly by, we are left missing Patsy more than ever. So how on Earth to we remedy this?

We’ve missed you Patsy!

With the absence of Patsy in our lives, there’s only one way to fill that void. With Patsy. And what better way to celebrate the newest big screen adventures of Edina and Patsy than to immerse yourself in the series all over again, reliving each of Patsy’s spiteful insults. In the words of Patsy “cheers, thanks a lot.”

The Celebrity Appearances

Chris Colfer portrays Christopher in "AbFab."

Chris Colfer portrays Christopher in “AbFab.”

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is stocked full of celebrity appearances. Whether it’s Rebel Wilson’s cameo as a flight attendant, Kate Moss’ integral role as herself, Jon Hamm’s appearance as a blast from Patsy’s past or — who actually had a substantial role as Edina’s hairstylist/social media consultant — the amount of famous faces in the film is incredible. However, this isn’t the first time we have seen famous faces show up in the Ab Fab world. The series itself was full of celebrity cameos, from Dawn French (who helped Saunders come up with the idea) to Helena Bonham Carter.

The film’s list of celebrity faces really made me want to go back to the beginning and re-watch the series to see just how many celebrity faces I could spot. Let’s be honest, they’re countless, but it’s still a great excuse to start re-watching this iconic series, right?

The cameos are electrifying!

Edina And Patsy

Sweetie, darling: Edina and Patsy.

Sweetie, darling: Edina and Patsy.

No matter how many times these two get themselves into dire situations, they just never learn. The film is absolutely no different. It may be bigger, it may be grander and it may be, dare I say it, even more fabulous — but Edina and Patsy are still the same fun-loving pair of fun-hungry ladies they were 20 years ago. With the new film simply being the latest in their long line of adventures, it reminds us of all the obscene activities they have gotten up to over the years.

Remember the time they both got drunk in a hilarious wine-sampling sequence in a vineyard? Or what about the time they showed up at Saffron’s school and caused a stir? These two characters are as obscene now and as they were in the beginning and by the sounds of things, they are never going to change. And we couldn’t be happier about!

Now, honor these two fabulous, refined ladies by indulging in a re-watch of their hilarious capers (so far) and enjoy every bejeweled and drunken moment, sweetie! Whether you’re a first time viewer or an avid fan (like me), the film will undoubtedly awaken that urge to re-watch this timeless series all over again. And that, darling, will be an absolutely fabulous experience!

Absolutely Fabulous: Edina and Patsy.

What was your favorite moment of the Absolutely Fabulous series? Are you looking forward to seeing the film? Let us know in the comments!


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