How Flashpoint Will Change Barry Allen’s Life In ‘The Flash’ Season 3

After the , many of us were convinced that Season 3 would bring with it a brave new world. Now we know that this is very much the case. The unveiling of at Comic-Con confirmed our suspicions that ” ” would have a major effect on the timeline.

What did you do, Barry?!

In an interview with, Grant Gustin enlightened us all a little further as to what we can expect from “Flashpoint” in regards to Barry and just how much it will change his life. Using that as a starting point, let’s speculate a bit on what those changes might look like.

A Life He Never Lived

It is a well-known fact that Barry Allen has wanted, more than anything, to live the life that was stolen from him when Eobard Thawne killed his mother. Despite saving lives every day as the Flash, he always regretted not being able to save his mother and stop his father from going to prison. However, with the gift of super-speed and time travel, that’s exactly what he was able to do.

Happy Allen: Barry in the "Flashpoint" timeline.
Happy Allen: Barry in the “Flashpoint” timeline.

As we saw in the trailer, Barry’s mother and father are both still alive in this timeline. The Allens are happy — and deservedly so. So while “Flashpoint” will obviously have a positive effect on them, Grant Gustin has now teased us with some exciting information about how it will impact Barry. Having such significantly happy memories with his parents is obviously a dream come true for him, but this dream may come at the expense of his previous life. Gustin commented on the consequences of Barry’s actions, stating:

“He’s starting to have new memories of graduating high school and college, memories he never had with his parents, but those memories are replacing other things from the other timeline.”

This will certainly add an interesting dynamic to the overall storyline. Now that Barry has the life he always wanted, he will begin to lose parts of who he has become — he will begin to lose the Flash. Not only will he have to deal with the undoing of every good deed he ever did, but now he will have to face losing the memories of them too. It looks like we’re going to see Barry struggle with choosing which life he wants to continue living and dealing with the repercussions of his actions.

Alive and well: Henry and Nora Allen.

Forcing Things To Happen

So while Barry will finally have his real parents in his life, it seems like in this timeline, he won’t be close to his adoptive father, Joe West. Gustin revealed that Barry will not have formed the same loving relationship with Joe in this timeline as he didn’t grow up with him in his life, and thus he will ultimately try to force it to happen. This is evident in the trailer when Joe tells Barry that he doesn’t know him and that they aren’t friends. Could Barry be attempting to reconnect with him?

Just as Barry never grew up with Joe in this timeline, he never grew up living with Iris either. Gustin also stated in the interview that while Barry and Iris did go to school together when they were younger, they never formed the close bond in this timeline and never fell in love with each other. The trailer compounds this as Iris barely remembers Barry’s name when he re-introduces himself to her.

West-Allen: Barry and Iris.

West-Allen: Barry and Iris.

So while things might come naturally to Barry when around his parents — it is his first time growing up with them, after all — it looks like he is desperately going to try to force relationships with Iris and Joe. While his relationship with Joe may not show signs of resurfacing, the trailer did allude to the possibility of Barry rekindling that connection with Iris, especially when she speaks to him about “where he comes from.” How will Barry cope without having two of the people he loves the most in his life?

Julian Dorn

When fans found out that Harry Potter alumni Season 3 as a series regular, a lot of rejoicing took place. However, there was also a lot of intrigue revolving around who he was playing. Sure, we knew he was playing Julian Dorn.

Tom Felton will portray Julian Dorn on "The Flash."

Tom Felton will portray Julian Dorn on “The Flash.”

Felton recently confirmed in an interview that ” and will likely only exist in the altered timeline. So while everybody else will know him, Barry won’t. This is interesting as we do know that Barry is still a CSI in the “Flashpoint” timeline, but we also know that Julian Dorn is a CSI too. Could Joe have formed a close friendship with Dorn instead of Barry? It’s unlikely that Joe wouldn’t know Barry if they work together, so perhaps Dorn is Joe West’s go-to CSI in this timeline instead of Barry.

It’s possible that Julian Dorn will basically be this timeline’s version of Barry Allen. Remember, it was revealed by TV Line that the two won’t be getting along as Dorn “suspects there’s more to Barry Allen than just his good guy reputation.” Perhaps he feels threatened by Barry’s emergence in his timeline. Whether they become friends or not remains to be seen, but one thing is certain — Julian Dorn will have quite an impact on Barry Allen’s life in the “Flashpoint” timeline.

A World Without The Flash

Wally West is Kid Flash in "Flashpoint."
Wally West is Kid Flash in “Flashpoint.”

In the “Flashpoint” timeline, Barry Allen will have the life he always wanted. As a result, his life without his mother will be undone — his life as the Flash will be no more. Now obviously, as the Flash, Barry traveled back in time to save his mother so he will still have his super-speed. Gustin did confirm this at Comic-Con. However, he also said that Barry won’t be concerned with debuting as the Scarlet Speedster in this timeline and will be happy to leave the crime-fighting to the “Flashpoint” world’s own speedy superhero — .

So not only will Barry have to get used to seeing Wally West as a superhero, but how will he cope with being in a world still very much rife with speedsters and resist stepping in to help? When Barry lost his speed last season he stated: “Being the Flash — that’s the best version of me.” With that in mind, it’s likely that Barry won’t be able to resist donning the red suit to help Kid Flash stop the unknown villainous speedster. Barry Allen is the Flash, and no amount of timeline altering will ever change that. The Scarlet Speedster will return.

Season 3 of The Flash will be bringing along huge changes. And it sounds like nobody will be more affected by these changes than the man responsible for it all — Barry Allen. With everything Gustin revealed combined with , it’s likely that Barry will be reflecting on his actions and ultimately be torn between losing his old life and keeping his new one.

Whether it’s having his older memories replaced with new ones that never actually happened, or trying to recapture the magic he had with Joe and Iris — “Flashpoint” will undoubtedly have a major effect on Barry Allen.

Check out the Season 3 trailer of The Flash below:

How do you think Barry’s life will change following ‘Flashpoint’? Let us know in the comments below!

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