How Gorilla City And Grodd Could Play Into ‘The Flash’ Season 3

During the CW’s presentation at the Television Critics Association, The Flash‘s executive producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed that we will see Grodd back on the show. However, in a major announcement, he also revealed that The Flash will be “doing a two-part episode that takes place in Gorilla City.”

He’s Baaaaaaack!

Gorilla City was first introduced into DC Comics during The Flash Issue 106 back in 1959 along with Grodd himself. It is hidden in the jungles of Africa and home to a race of super-intelligent gorillas, who gained their abilities from a meteorite. Since its debut, it has been featured in many classic comic book arcs as well as being adapted for multiple animated series. One thing that should be known: Whenever Gorilla City is involved, Grodd isn’t far behind.

This huge announcement is not only a welcome tribute to the comic books, but it will also likely have a major impact on the landscape of the show. Let’s take a look at how it could play into Season 3.

The Introduction Of A Gorilla Civilization


The two part episode of The Flash set in Gorilla City will undeniably . However, as we’re going to be venturing into the city itself, it’s likely that we will be introduced to other intelligent gorillas as well. That includes Solovar, the hyper-intelligent leader of Gorilla City, renowned for his great wisdom and psychic abilities.

We have seen Gorilla City and Solovar adapted many times in animation, but seeing them adapted into live-action television will certainly be an exciting experience. Having a character like Solovar on The Flash would not only be a CGI treat, but it would be nice to see a gorilla that isn’t always so angry and could perhaps respond kindly to Barry and the others — after all, Solovar is a friend of Barry Allen in the comics.

It also opens up the opportunity to incorporate more intelligent gorillas into the show aside from Grodd for later seasons. No matter what happens, the thought of seeing a gorilla civilization adapted to television gives me chills.

Grodd Vs Gorilla City

Gorilla City on "The Flash".

Gorilla City on “The Flash”.

When we last saw Grodd, he was shoved through the portal by the Flash and landed in Gorilla City. He looked out onto his surroundings and, in a scene reminiscent of King Kong, roared over his kingdom. We have no idea what happened next, but something tells me that Grodd had no intention of living in peace and harmony with the gorilla civilization.

He’s just not very sociable, alright?!

When The Flash returns to Gorilla City during Season 3, we don’t know yet what to expect. But I have a feeling that we might see Gorilla City in the midst of a power struggle. It’s entirely possible that Grodd would try to take over the city or destroy it altogether. His psychic powers are virtually unstoppable and there’s no doubt that he’s a force to be reckoned with. However, there’s one entity that could go toe to toe with Grodd and his powers, and that is Solovar.

This would be a storyline loyal to both the comic and animated adaptations. Who could ever forget the episode of Justice League when Grodd tried to wrestle away control of Gorilla City from Solovar, only to be stopped by the League. Could we see a collision between the two apes on The Flash? That remains to be seen. But I know I’m very excited!

The Return Of Earth-2

Grodd arrives in Gorilla City.

Grodd arrives in Gorilla City.

The Flash‘s return to Gorilla City is undoubtedly an indicator that we will be taking a trip back to Earth-2 at some point. Let’s not forget that when Grodd showed up last season, Earth-2’s Harrison Wells knew of a place on his earth that would be “the closest to home he’ll ever get.” That place was, of course, Gorilla City.

The fact that the show will be doing a two-parter in Gorilla City essentially means that they will be doing a two-parter on Earth-2. And after everything was practically tied up at the end of last season, we were left wondering if we would ever see the alternate Earth again. Grodd’s return confirms that the gang should be venturing back to Earth-2, and I can’t wait to go back!

Could We See A Flashpoint Gorilla City?

Grodd takes over Gorilla City.

Grodd takes over Gorilla City.

While we may all be thinking that the Flash will return to Earth-2’s Gorilla City, there’s also another possibility. The ending of Season 2 pretty much confirmed that all was well on Earth-2 once again. And thus, there was no reason for Barry and company to travel back there. However, after the events of the Season 2 finale, the timeline has been altered beyond recognition. In the Flashpoint timeline, it’s entirely possible that there could now be a Gorilla City on Earth-1.

Remember , but he did say that its repercussions will last all season long. Could Gorilla City and Grodd’s return be a repercussion of Flashpoint?

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Amidst all the huge news released about the Arrow-verse at the TCAs, the news of Grodd and Gorilla City’s return has to be one of the most exciting reveals yet. Grodd is one of the Flash’s ultimate rivals and after two successful episodes on the show, as well as multiple Season 1 cameos, it’s no surprise that he is returning.

But finding out that we might see him engage in a battle of the minds with the population of Gorilla City has got to be the best news yet. With , and all to look forward to, The Flash Season 3 was already shaping up to be one heck of a year — but now, it’s just hit the stratosphere. He is Grodd, and he is back!

Are you excited to see Barry and company venture into Gorilla City? Are you thrilled to hear about Grodd’s impending return? Let us know in the comments!

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