How Having Not One, But Three Jokers Could Affect the DCEU

Remember back in the DC: Rebirth comic Justice League #42 when Batman sat in the Mobius Chair? He asked it two questions. First, he asked the chair to identify his parents’ killer, which it did: Joe Chill. Then, the World’s Greatest Detective asked the chair a question which has puzzled him (and audiences) his entire crime-fighting career: what is the Joker’s real name? The chair responded, and Batman was clearly shocked by what it said.

Image Source: DC

Image Source: DC

Fans were dying to know the identity the chair revealed to Batman. Everyone believed it was a character whose name was familiar to DC readers. So, it was a huge and shocking twist when Justice League #50 revealed that there are in fact not one, not two, but three Clown Princes of Crime on the loose in Gotham City!

Image Source: DC

Image Source: DC

So, that brings up the obvious question: if there are three Jokers running amok in the comic books, does that mean there’s room for multiple Jokers in the DCEU as well? I say absolutely. But what would the ramifications of multiple Jokers be within the context of the DCEU? Let’s investigate!

What Were the Other Jokers Doing During Suicide Squad?

Jared Leto's Joker. Image Source: DC

Jared Leto’s Joker. Image Source: DC

For starters, let’s take a look at Suicide Squad. We gather from this film that this Joker is responsible for the murder of Robin, as evidenced by Harley Quinn being declared “accomplice to the murder of” someone unknown. So, while he’s out cavorting with Harley, harassing the Suicide Squad, and causing general mayhem, what are the other Clown Princes of Crime up to?

Well, with absolutely no information to go on, it’s difficult to say exactly, but it’s possible these two other Jokers haven’t begun operating yet. It’s also not incredibly unlikely they’re wreaking some form of havoc on Gotham City. Batman is off dealing with Tattooed Joker, so the other two have a clear field to commit whatever nefarious acts their twisted little hearts desire.

What Will Batman’s Reaction To the 3 Jokers Be?

"Wait, what?!" Image Source: DC

“Wait, what?!” Image Source: DC

In the comics, the World’s Greatest Detective was, for once in his life, as baffled as the rest of us were upon discovering that there were multiple Jokers. So, if he knows the exact whereabouts of Tattooed Joker (the one from Suicide Squad), chances are good that he’s probably keeping track of the others too. He just doesn’t know it yet. Suppose that Batman believes there is only one Joker. Then, suddenly and inexplicably, the Joker appears to be in two places at once. Batman will be obviously confused, and then, just as he’s cracking down on that Joker, the third one pops up somewhere else, causing the Dark Knight to be completely confused. Finally, slowly but surely, he starts to put the pieces together and realizes that there are not one, not two, but three maniacal clowns lurking in his city. At that point, all bets are off when it comes to figuring out his next move.

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What Will Happen If All the Jokers Meet?

Image Sources: DC

Image Sources: DC

Let’s call the first Joker pictured above “Classic Joker”. This is the Joker we know and love to hate from The Killing Joke, Batman: The Animated Series, and the 1960’s Batman tv show. He’s not truly evil, he’s just insane. He doesn’t have any rational motive to his crimes, he just wants to have his own brand of sick and twisted fun.

The Joker pictured in the middle, whom we will call “Modern Joker”, is a true psychopath, one similar to the version seen in the Arkham game series, and, obviously, Suicide Squad. He really is crazy, but at the same time, he’s in full control of his own actions. He knows how dangerous he really is and he’s not afraid to use that knowledge to his advantage.

Finally, there’s the third Joker pictured above, who we will refer to as “Gangster Joker”. This Joker operates much like a member of the old-timey mafia, like Jack Nicholson’s Joker, but tends to take his mafia antics to a more colorful and flamboyant extreme. He considers himself a true mobster, and his extravagance in proving it knows no bounds. So what happens when Classic Joker, Modern Joker, and Gangster Joker all bump into each other on the street? Classic Joker will at first be annoyed that there are pretenders to his throne, but eventually, he’ll agree that they should all work together to defeat the Dark Knight. Gangster Joker will likely immediately propose working together, and Modern Joker will likely just tie up the other two and leave them in super creepy and virtually inescapable deathtraps.

The concept of multiple Jokers is frightening, but also worth exploring. Seeing how each would act in a specific situation, as well as how they’d interact with Batman, would be well worth the watch. If we got a solo Batman film that featured three Jokers, I think I might die of excitement right there in the movie theater!

Do YOU want to see three Jokers in the DCEU,or is one enough? Be sure to comment below- and check out our video of all the classic Jokers doing what they do best: cracking jokes!


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