How Introducing Artemis In ‘Arrow’ Might Just Be What ‘Young Justice’ Fans Need!

So it’s finally official, Artemis will be joining the Arrow team in the upcoming season! Madison McLaughlin previously took on the role of a Black Cannary impersonator, Evelyn Sharp but it may seem that the black leather get-up wasn’t much of her thing. Instead it seems that Sharp may be taking on a new but familiar name-Artemis. For those of you who are a bit rusty on their Greek mythology, Artemis was the maiden goddess of archery and the hunt, so you don’t get many points for guessing what type of weapon she uses.

Although for some Artemis may just seem like another archer sidekick to put aside with Speedy and Red Arrow for Young Justice fans this casting has just opened up a world of possibilities and The Flash only makes the possibilities grow. Over the last year Flash fans have eagerly awaited for Wally West to finally take on the mantle of Kid Flash and although, thus far, he is lacking in any form of speedster qualities, we just know that his day will come. But then, if you haven’t seen Young Justice, you may be asking how could casting Artmis in Star City effect Wally in Central city? Trust me when I tell you that their meeting will probably be one of the most important things to happen in the Arrowverse.

But then you might think that’s an exaggerated statement. I don’t think so. A few years back a rather underrated animated series called Young Justice was released which followed the lives of young sidekicks, including Kid Flash and Artmis. Fans watched in amusement and sadness as their childish bickering blossomed into the most anticipated romance in the whole series to then be crushed in a heartfelt finale. Three year later fans are still petitioning for a third season of Young Justice to be released, in the hope of discovering the true fate of one such hero (who has deliberately remained anonymous to avoid spoilers). Although a third season was never ordered the prayers of fans may have been answered in the form of Evelyn Sharp.

The confirmed appearance of Artemis, the potential introduction of Kid Flash and the prospect of numerous cross-over episodes in the upcoming Arrow and Flash series may also , once again, introduce the amazing relationship between these two sidekicks. Maybe, three years later, fans may finally get to see their relationship play out before them, once again on the small screen, but maybe, just maybe, they will have no finale. I mean, c’mon, with the multiverse in full swing some other hero can save the world this time and leave Artemis and Kid Flash in relative peace. But i guess only time will tell.

Sadly, thus far, we have very little more information regarding these two young heroes and what lies before them this coming year. However, with this unexpected casting fans can only eagerly wait in anticipation for the awesomeness that will surely be Kid Flash and Artemis.

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