How Special FX Makeup Artist Mark Coulier And Dan Gilbert Turned Me Into A Zombie For A Day

How Special FX Makeup Artist Mark Coulier And Dan Gilbert Turned Me Into A Zombie For A Day by Michelle Smith , May 25th, 2016 at 11:49am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterEvery since I was a little girl, I have had a thing for the creepy, the unusual, the macabre. My mother was slightly confused as to why her little princess was so into skulls and horror films, but she would still rent me films like The Exorcist , Day of the Dead , and The Omen .This would explain why my favorite holiday is Halloween. Yesterday, I got to experience Halloween a little early, as special fx makeup artists Mark Coulier ( Pride + Prejudice + Zombies ) and Dan Gilbert turned me into a freshly bitten zombie with a disease that is just beginning to spread.Check out the entire process below:First, Mark applied the latex pieces onto my face using glue, while Dan used temporary tattoos to create the veins.Then, more gluing and even a vein tattoo was added by Dan on my right cheek.Then, Mark trimmed a bit of the latex to properly fit my face.Dan then busted out his airbrushing machine to blend in the veins.While Dan continued to airbrush, Mark flicked some speckles of paint onto my face to give it more texture.Now onto the details. More airbrushing on Dan’s part while Mark began to draw in some gruesome details.Mark then took to the crevices of the latex to give it some more dimension.Dan then brought out his fine paintbrush and began to add details to the veins. Mark continues to add more dimension with even more details.Time to make me look tired and worn! Mark creates darker shadows around my eyes (something I usually try to cover up on the daily).Mark adds darker colors to my wounds while Dan flecks some paint on my veins to add some texture.And my torn up gash just gets nastier by the second (thanks to Mark).Then Mark finished up with some fresher looking blood, to really give it even more dimension. Dan is adding to my dark circles, which completes any zombie look.The end result: It’s pretty terrifying!If you look up close, it was all so life-like and the details were shockingly meticulous. But I suppose that’s what makes them true professionals.The veins put on by Dan seem to really sit underneath my skin.The little detail of infection spreading right next to my ear really makes it so much more grotesque.I want to know what tricks Mark pulled out of his sleeve to make the blood look so incredibly fresh.Also, those intense blue veins near my eyes are so disgusting.The best part? Mark Coulier worked on the Harry Potter films for ten years, so I got to nerd out hardcore and ask him questions about the basilisk in the Chamber of secrets, the Goblins in Gringotts, and Hagrid’s beloved spider Aragog.Thanks to Mark and Dan for making me look as creepy as possible! For someone who is a huge fan of horror films, it was an honor becoming a horrendous zombie.Be sure to purchase your own copy of Pride + Prejudice + Zombies , as it is now available for Blu-ray, in which you can check out Mark’s realistic and impressive zombies.