How Will Marvel Introduce Its New Netflix Heroes?

(Warning: The following contains potential — albeit entirely theoretical — SPOILERS for future superhero-themed Netflix TV shows. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise.)Now, when news recently broke that Marvel and Netflix might just be planning three new superhero shows — starring Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight — fans across the interweb were unsurprisingly excited. After all, those three (anti)heroes have long been both fan favorites and heavily tipped candidates for the Netflix treatment, making the idea that they could be on their way in the near future an appealing one.Of course, with the rumor — for this is still very much still just a rumor, sadly — originating from the lightly-reputed, it’s tough to say with any great confidence whether or not we’ll actually see the heroes on Netflix any time soon — but if we do…Here’s How Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight Could Arrive in Netflix’s Corner of the Marvel Universe

Now, with Luke Cage’s introduction within Jessica Jones and The Punisher’s arrival in Daredevil Season 2 working so gosh-darned effectively, it seems likely that Netflix and Marvel will opt for similar introductory routes for the majority of their future leads. With Moon Knight in particularly being largely unknown to the general public, and both Ghost Rider and Blade likely requiring full reboots from their original incarnations, it seems logical that they will arrive within another hero’s show.
Here, then, are a few suggestions as to how they could arrive.First up?Moon Knight Could Easily Arrive in the Company of Iron Fist

Now, there’s every chance that an appearance by Marc “Moon Knight” Spector in the upcoming Iron Fist (or, perhaps more realistically, a second season of the show) would be little more than a cameo, but with the comic book Spector sometimes pretending to be the millionaire Steven Grant, there’s certainly a good chance that we could see him run into the similarly wealthy Danny “Iron Fist” Rand at some point.
Throw in Iron Fist and Moon Knight’s comparably mystical origins, and you have yourself an entirely logical origin point for the latter hero — especially if he gets the chance to don his iconic white costume in the final moments of the show.Meanwhile…Ghost Rider Would Make Sense In The Punisher’s Solo Series

With both Ghost Rider and The Punisher being largely vengeance-driven (and brutally violent) antiheroes, it would surely make sense to introduce the beginnings of a Ghost Rider solo show in a season of The Punisher’s solo series.
Could Johnny Blaze — or Danny Ketch, or Robbie Reyes, or whichever version of the hero Marvel opts for — even perhaps wind up being killed in The Punisher’s show, before being resurrected in his own series as the flaming skull-headed spirit of vengeance?And, finally…Blade Would Could Well Turn Up in The Defenders

Now, while Blade might make for a tough sell as part of a solo series like Jessica Jones or Daredevil — the whole vampire thing being a pretty huge subplot to have to introduce — he could well prove an intriguing access point to a globally threatening foe in The Defenders.After all, there’s nothing stopping Marvel from having The Defenders focus on a mystically-created threat that in some way involves vampires, and having Blade show up at some point to teach the team a thing or two about not getting horribly killed (and kill off more than a few vampires).The big question now, though?
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