Hulu Needs to Make This Show Happen: ‘The Parkers,’ Spider-Man’s Parents’ Backstory!

Lately, Netflix has been absolutely marvel-ous when it comes to superhero TV shows.

Hulu, on the other hand? More like Marvel-less. They really need an answer to Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher on Netflix.

What better show to make that happen than ‘The Parkers,’ a backstory of Spider-Man’s Parents!

I was going to call it ‘Meet The Parkers,’ but that sounds like something we would see Ben Stiller in.

With and going strong, and , , , and all on the way, it would seem that Netflix is pretty untouchable when it comes to the comic book shows.

Sure, Hulu has it’s share of originals, but it needs to give Netflix a little super-competition!

Since Spider-man: Homecoming isn’t going to be featuring Spidey’s backstory, what better time than to give us a show that might end up being 3-4 seasons of his parents’ story?

Here are some thoughts, ideas, fan casts, and things to make you go hmmm!

Meet the Parkers

Peter Parker’s parents, Richard and Mary, have had different backstories throughout the years, but those stories always end the same; they die.

They’ve been spies for the CIA, meeting and giving birth to the future webslinger.

Richard has been a scientist who creates a formula that Bruce Banner tested on himself, turning him into the hulk and killing both Richard and his wife.

They’ve worked with Eddie Brock’s parents, and both sets of parents died in a plane crash.

They’ve both even been branded as traitors, leaving Peter to clear their name.

Who knows what kind of fun we could have with their backstory? It doesn’t even have to be a story of the beginning of their careers. It could start with Mary giving birth to little Peter, and go up until their untimely demise. There’s definitely not a shortage of directions it could go, considering it hasn’t been done yet!

The show The Americans has proven that America loves spy shows, so a Richard and Mary origin story would fit right in!

So much villain!



With every great superhero show, comes great villains!

If Richard Parker was indeed a scientist in the show, working for Oscorp, think of the possibilities of the villains we could see. Human testing with experimental drugs? Irradiated spiders turning men into Carnage-like monsters, who make it through one episode before their spider/human DNA implodes and they turn to mush!

The only person we really know quite a bit about, who we would have to see in the show is Norman Osborn. With that mad scientist at the helm, that leaves a whole universe of undiscovered bad guys open!

For example; what if a primitive version of the alien symbiote that created Venom and Carnage had paid a little visit to our planet before, and Oscorp experimented with it, creating all sorts of trouble?

Norman Osborn, pre-Goblin

Not only could we get to see what Peter’s parents were like before they were murdered, we could also get a glance at a younger Norman Osborn. Seeing how losing his wife, Emily, affected him, and his embezzling partner Mendel Stromm getting busted would add some good drama to the show.

Harry & Peter

He knows!

If the show worked, and went beyond Season 1, then who knows? We might actually get to see Harry Osborn and Peter Parker come in to the world, and watch them grow a bit. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts of Smallville, besides watching Clark Kent become Superman, was the interaction between young Clark and Lex. Seeing them start off as friends, and later become mortal enemies was all sorts of exhilarating. Imagine the possiblities we could have with a young Peter and Harry. If the storylines of the comics were followed, then Peter’s parents would have died when both of the boys were pretty young. But a little old-fashioned timeline-bending never hurt anyone, did it?

I mean, just look at how it’s worked out for this guy!

Let’s do a little fan casting

Here are my top picks of the litter to play Richard, Mary, and Norman!

Theo James – Richard Parker

The male star of the Divergent series, Four has scientist/spy just written all over that mug, doesn’t he?

Emma Stone – Mary Paker

She killed it as Gwen Stacy, and the Amazing Spider-Man films are done, so why not get her back in the spiderverse? Besides, JUST LOOK AT HER.

Zach Roerig – Norman Osborn

He does a stand-up job as the ever-conflicted Matt Donovan on The Vampire Diaries, and with that show coming to an end soon, he’ll be needing some work!

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