I Love You, Wade Wilson: ‘Deadpool’ Tops The Amazon Romance Charts

A catalyst for Deadpool’s unexpected success story was the razor sharp marketing campaign that amplified Ryan Reynolds’ flawless and fitting portrayal of the Merc with the Mouth. And it appears one particular tongue-in-cheek approach may’ve been taken literally by retailer Amazon.

Amidst the viral videos utilizing Reynolds’ wit and vulgar verbal fluency, there were other campaigns, including a set of innovative billboards that set tongues wagging and internet discussion boards into meltdown. As well as a clever use of emojis, one set of billboards portrayed Deadpool .

Fox had a marketing team who not only didn’t miss a trick, they created a rulebook on how to make tricks. It’s perhaps no surprise the campaign capitalised on the film’s mid-February release date as an aid to men who wanted to to see the R-rated superhero flick.

A Romantic Hit

However, as spotted by an eagle eyed , it looks like the people at Amazon may’ve taken this a little too literally. Deadpool is currently ranked as the best selling movie on their website, under the “Romance” section, beating the likes of Pride + Prejudice + Zombies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and Purple Rain.

I suppose before we assume this is a mistake, or a misunderstanding, it could be a nod from a Deadpool fan, which ties in nicely with the marketing material for the film. Also, a large part of the story does center around the relationship between Wade and Vanessa, so perhaps this is just an example to show that Deadpool really is a film for anyone.

The would also certainly agree. As well as becoming the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time, with a box office taking of $772.3 million (against a modest budget of $58 million), it is also the highest grossing X-Men film to date.

Deadpool is available on Blu-Ray and DVD now.

Does Deadpool fit in the romance category?