If Kendall Jenner & Selena Gomez Had A Love Child, She Would Totally Look Like This Australian Actress

The celebrity world is already filled with plenty of people who are , which is why the following really is enough to make your eyes pop out of your skull.

An Australian actress and singer has recently triggered shockwaves on social media when many began to recognize her resemblance to not one, but two starlets. Indeed, upon first glance there’s no denying the fact that Maia Mitchell could definitely pass as the love child of Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez (if such a wonderful thing were to ever happen in another dimension).

A photo posted by Maia Mitchell (@maiamitchell) on


A photo posted by Maia Mitchell (@maiamitchell) on

Crazy, right?

And while you pick up your jaw from that floor, check out some lurking out there. Finally, never forget that time when the universe recently granted us with the insanely attractive gift of the Spanish :

Keep ’em coming, world!

If you could look like two celebs, who would they be?


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