If These Star Wars Characters Can Survive Horrible Deaths, Mace Windu Can Too

Mace Windu, Samuel L. Jackson’s character from the Star Wars prequel films, was one of the coolest characters in the galaxy far, far away. He was powerful, wise, and the first canonical character to wield a purple lightsaber. Sadly, Mace was Force-lightninged out of a Coruscant skyscraper after getting his hand chopped off, leaving us to assume he fell to his death.

Since Revenge of the Sith‘s release in 2005 we’ve accepted Mace’s demise as fact. Jackson, however, When asked in an interview with Entertainment Weekly if Mace survived the fall, Jackson said:

Of course he is! Jedi can fall from amazing distances. And there’s a long history of one-handed Jedi. So why not?

Could he be right or is it ? Could Mace Windu have survived the fall — not to mention Order 66? Only the Star Wars Story Group can tell you that for sure. However, the Star Wars Universe has no shortage of characters who cheated death, so it’s certainly possible.

Darth Maul

Darth Maul's return in "The Clone Wars."

Darth Maul’s return in “The Clone Wars.”

Maul is the ultimate example of someone who in reality could never have survived what he did. Maul killed Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Master, which led Obi-Wan to cut Maul in half and throw him down a deep chasm on Naboo. Maul was obviously thought dead.

However, Star Wars: The Clone Wars taught us that Maul actually survived being bisected and thrown into a seemingly bottomless pit. He may have come back as a deranged spider-person, but hey, alive is alive.

Han Solo

Han Solo frozen in carbonite.
Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

Han has had some trouble lately: He’s dead. In fact, this article may give Han fans some hope to cling to, but for the sake of this piece we aren’t discussing Han’s latest adventures in The Force Awakens. In Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Han was frozen alive in carbonite. We regular humans can’t survive being frozen, but humans in the Star Wars Galaxy can. The human race is far more durable in that universe, which bodes well for Mace.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett back from the dead.

Boba Fett back from the dead.

According to the new Star Wars canon, . He couldn’t stay dead in the old Star Wars Expanded Universe either, as that now-defunct continuity brought us a comic book in which Boba climbed out of the sarlacc and continued his adventures. He may have been roughed up a bit, but he survived nonetheless. Boba avoided digestion and death, which is quite a feat for someone who faced the mighty sarlacc.

The Skywalker Twins

Anakin on the brink of the dark side.

Anakin on the brink of the dark side.

The Skywalker twins, Luke and Leia, grew up to be the figureheads of the Rebel Alliance. But should they have been born in the first place? Padme went to find Anakin on Mustafar only days before their birth. He had turned to the dark side and she was afraid of what he had become. In his anger, Anakin choked Padme with the Force and dropped her onto the ground. Obi-Wan, who had stowed away on her ship, fought Anakin in a lightsaber duel for at least ten minutes, leaving Padme unconscious on the ground.

In a normal setting, Padme and her children could suffer permanent damage from treatment like this. In fact, it’s possible that the children would die from either problems with oxygen, the jolt of the fall, or a combination of both. But again: These are ultra-durable humans. Luke and Leia are born and turn out just fine despite their prenatal abuse.

Anakin Skywalker

The Emperor saves Vader.
The Emperor saves Vader.

Anakin Skywalker nearly dies after fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi. After leaving Padme unconscious, the two men fight while avoiding a multitude of fire hazards on the surface of Mustafar, a volcanic planet. At the end of the fight, Anakin leaps at Obi-Wan, who cuts off his remaining arm and both of his legs.

Anakin tumbles down next to a lava flow, setting his clothes and hair on fire. When the Emperor finds him there later, even he is surprised that Anakin could have survived. His limbs were severed and burnt to a crisp and still he lived. You can see why the Emperor would be surprised. He should also be worried, considering Mace Windu had it easy in comparison.


The Outlander from "The Old Republic."

The Outlander from “The Old Republic.”

During the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion of Star Wars: The Old Republic you play as the Outlander, who assembles a rebellion to take down the evil Arcann. During your face-off in Chapter 9 — should you choose to remain on the light side — Arcann stabs you through the torso with his lightsaber.

Later, your companion helps you up and you fight back to your ship with a glowing hole in your abdomen. Even if this means nothing for Mace Windu, it should really should give Han Solo fans hope.

Luke Skywalker

"So be it... Jedi."
“So be it… Jedi.”

In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke’s hand is severed and he falls down an endless chasm — Star Wars loves chasms — yet he manages to gracefully slide into a chute that helps break his fall. Later in Return of the Jedi, Luke is electrocuted for quite a while as Darth Vader ponders what the right thing to do is. Ultimately, Vader grabs the Emperor and is electrocuted for only a few brief moments that pale in comparison to the length of time that Luke was writing in pain.

Vader dies from this, but Luke is able to brush off his agonizing electrocution. A real electric shock — even when it’s less than a second long — can have lasting effects, causing permanent damage and possibly death. Luke survived multiple seconds of electrical shock and lived on for years afterward.

The typical rules of life and death don’t always apply in the world of Star Wars. I’d say all of this bodes well for Mace Windu. If Luke Skywalker, a new student of the Force, can survive having his hand severed, falling hundreds of feet, and being electrocuted for multiple minutes, then the Jedi Master surely can too! Whether it happens or not, who wouldn’t be on board for the return Mace Windu to the Star Wars Universe?

What do you think? Could Mace Windu return? Let me know in the comments below!

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