Injustice Proves Wonder Woman’s Super Prowess

Among comic book fans, the conversation of who the toughest and biggest [email protected]$$ in comics always comes up at some point. Considering there are a lot of options to choose from the conversation can get very heated and intense. Batman wins because he has the ultimate plans; Wolverine is the best there is at what he does. If Superman wanted to, he could beat everyone. While these are all great choices and arguments that are difficult to disagree with, Wonder Woman might be the real answer to this debate. If you need proof, look no further than, Injustice. Throughout the series, she proves her strength and skill- and above all, her iron-clad will.The Ultimate Team Player

When Injustice first started, Wonder Woman stood by Superman’s side and never looked back. Not because she feared him, but because she respects and believes in him. That loyalty was put to the test when Batman pit them against Martian Manhunter. J’onn used his powers to get inside Wonder Woman’s body and destroy her from the inside. Wonder Woman knew that J’on needed to be stopped and made a decision. J’onn is vulnerable to fire and she told Superman to use his heat vision on her to burn him out. Superman reluctantly did so and Wonder Woman was taken out.
If Wonder Woman was taken out, how does this make her such a tough character? Toughness isn’t just taking punishment. Some of the toughest people to ever live were stronger mentally and were willing to die for a cause they believed in. Wonder Woman was willing to make that sacrifice. It’s things like this that make real heroes. Superman who?

Who can stop a Superman who is let off his leash? Superman is absurdly strong, nearly invulnerable, flies at supersonic speeds, has heat vision, and all sorts of other superpowers. He is called ‘overpowered’ with reason. Despite all of his powers, when he went toe to toe with Wonder Woman, it wasn’t the Man of Steel who came out on top. Her years of training with elite Amazonian fighters set her over the top. Superman may be invulnerable on the outside, but his bones break just the same. Wonder Woman broke his arm and it was downhill from there. No mater what Superman did, Wonder Woman had a counter. Batman tried to train Superman to not rely on his powers. Batmantold him that if Diana wanted to kill him that he would be dead. Superman should have listened.
Diana may preach peace, but she is darn good at making war. People seem to forget that she is the daughter of Zeus and with that comes a certain level of strength and power. On top of that power, she was raised to be an unstoppable Amazonian warrior. There are very few people that can match her in skill and strength individually. Combine the two, and how do you compete with that? Answer: You kind of can’t.So…

Seriously, she smack talks the literal God of War

Seriously, she smack talks the literal God of War

I will be the first to admit that I didn’t know ton about Wonder Woman other than the basics. But after reading Injustice I looked at Wonder Woman and wondered (pun intended) why it took me so long to realize how amazing she truly is. It finally made sense why people of all ages and races look at her as a symbol of strength and power. She was a woman who remained popular during a time where comic books were a tad sexist and heavy with male characters and decades later is still one of the best and most recognized character of all time.
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