Insane Trivia: How Well Do You Remember Disney’s Renaissance Movies?

The Disney Renaissance is frequently heralded as the best ten years of Disney’s history and is often credited with saving the studio from bankruptcy after losing Don Bluth and several other animators. And while most of us grew up watching these movies, whether we were born into the Renaissance or not, it has been a little while since the Renaissance ended and our knowledge on these movies might not be as good as we once thought. So break out your old VHS tapes, dust off your Disney trivia bank, because it’s quiz time!

1. Which Disney Renaissance movie did not have a sequel?9 Votes

All of the Renaissance movies aside from Hercules and The Rescuers Down Under didn’t have a sequel. But since The Rescuers Down Under was a sequel itself, it doesn’t fully count as not having a sequel.

2. In Hercules, Meg tries to convince Hercules to reveal his weakness to her. In attempts to get him to open up, what does she say her weakness is?7 Votes

Admitting she has weak ankles didn’t earn her any points in finding out what Hades sent her to find out. But in the end Hades got what he wanted. And we also got to hear Herc utter the line “You’re the most amazing person with weak ankles I’ve ever met.”

3. What kind of an animal is Rafiki from The Lion King?5 Votes

While Rafiki is normally considered a baboon, according to his head animator he actually isn’t any particular kind of ape. He is almost a hybrid between a mandrill and a baboon as he looks like a mandrill, however he has a tail like baboons. This brings a whole new meaning to when he tells Simba “You are a baboon, and I am not.”

4. The Little Mermaid’s Sebastian was originally intended to have what accent?3 Votes

Sebastian was originally supposed to be English. It wasn’t until lyricist/producer Howard Ashman suggested that he be Jamaican that we got the wonderful little number “Under the Sea.” Just imagining a world without that song is terrifying.

5. Despite not being a musical, who sang “Home on the Range” in The Rescuers Down Under?1 Votes

This movie’s villain, McLeah, is the character who sings the incredibly twisted version of “Home on the Range.” But oddly enough, it’s actually Frank Welker, the voice of Joanna to goanna, who recorded the song.

6. Which of the following people does the Genie not impersonate in Aladdin?3 Votes

Jamie Costa actually does impressions of Robin Williams, and they’re scary good. Even more than that, he looks quite a bit like him. As far as Aladdin goes, these are the people Genie impersonates in the following order: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ed Sullivan, Groucho Marx, William F. Buckley, Señor Wences, Robert De Niro, Carol Channing, Arsenio Hall, Walter Brennan, Mary Hart, Ethel Merman, Rodney Dangerfield, Jack Nicholson, and Peter Lorre.

7. What was the last film Howard Ashman worked on?2 Votes

Howard Ashman’s last film credit was Beauty and the Beast. He passed away eight months prior to the film’s release. The film was dedicated to him and ended with a little message that read “To our friend Howard, who gave a mermaid her voice and a beast his soul, we will be forever grateful.”

8. Which of Pocahontas’s Native American voice actors believes that the film represented Native American culture incredibly well?2 Votes

Despite many prominent Native American activists speaking out against the film for its poor representative or Native American culture as well as historical inaccuracies, the voice of Chief Powhatan, Russel Means, feels that Pocahontas did a beautiful job representing Native Americans. In particular, he feels it was the opening sequence that is the “single best representation of American Indians that Hollywood has ever done.”

9. Which characters from other Disney movies make a cameo appearance in The Hunchback of Notre Dame?1 Votes

It’s a common belief that the gargoyle resembling a warthog is actually of Pumbaa. However, the audio commentary on the DVD has revealed that it is actually just a gargoyle. Specifically the same warthog gargoyle located in that exact same spot on the real Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

10. Mulan’s pseudonym, Fa Ping (pronounced Hua Ping in Mandarin), means what exactly?2 Votes

Fa Ping translates to flower vase or flower pot. The term ‘flower vase’ or ‘flower pot’ is used to describe a rather effeminate man in China.

11. Which of the following actors wasn’t considered to play Clayton, the villain of Tarzan?2 Votes

Tony Goldwyn is actually the voice of Tarzan. Brian Blessed was given the role of Clayton over Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. Interestingly enough, Brian Blessed provides Tarzan with his signature yell.

12. Which song almost wasn’t in the final cut of The Lion King?2 Votes

Elton John was allowed an early screening of the movie. Upon seeing that the love song was removed, he lobbied for it to get put back in. His efforts won him an Oscar for Best Original Song.

13. The voice of Grimsby in The Little Mermaid, Ben Wright, was also in what other Disney animated movies?0 Votes

Ben Wright actually had to tell the production team that he voiced Robert in 101 Dalmatians and Rama in The Jungle Book. They had no clue.

14. Who among the following wasn’t considered for the role of Hades in Hercules?0 Votes

David Bowie, Jack Nicholson, and Willem Dafoe were considered for the role when the plan was still for Hades to be a slow, menacing villain. When James Wood landed the role, he impressed the creators with his rapid-fire wit and it changed the entire script.

15. What character says the last line in Aladdin?0 Votes

Genie gets the last line of the movie. He lifts the bottom of the screen up in the air to reveal himself to the audience. He winks and says “made you look”. This line just so happens to be the same last line from Good Morning, Vietnam not including his prerecorded radio broadcast.

How many did you get right?0 Votes