Is This Groovy New Series The Best Show On TV?

Ash Vs Evil Dead follows up with groovy anti-hero Ashley Williams 30 years after the events at the dreaded cabin that tormented him in The Evil Dead (1981) and Evil Dead 2 (1987). Present day Ash accidentally summons the evil force that he has been hiding from for decades when, one fateful night, he reads from the Necronomicon in an attempt to impress a woman with whom he is smoking weed in his trailer (spoiler alert : it totally worked — at first).

That's the "how did my weed get there?" look

That’s the “how did my weed get there?” look

Thanks to one careless (and very foggy) evening, Ash finds himself chainsaw-deep in Deadites again and it is every bit as funny/scary/gory as fans of the original trilogy hoped it would be. We fans have been waiting patiently for more Ash for over 20 years since the trilogy left off with Army of Darkness (1992).

Best Show On TV

When you think of the best shows on TV, which shows come to mind? For me, there are two shows specifically that I know to be fantastic and that have a large enough following that they dominate social media trends and conversations during their seasons – The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I know, two great shows, right? So where does Ash Vs Evil Dead stand among the big shows of today?

Consider this – Ash Vs Evil Dead has a higher rating on IMDB than The Walking Dead and it has a higher rating than both TWD and Game of Thrones on Rotten Tomatoes. Beyond the thoughts of critics and film aficionados, the first season of Ash Vs Evil Dead did a really good job of being really good. The acting, the music, the suspense, the gore, and, of course, the humor are all on point every episode.

More Than Scares And Gore

Part of what makes Ash Vs Evil Dead so good is the way the writers were able to capture the tone that fans appreciate from the series – slapstick, over-the-top gore splattered with palpable suspense and an onslaught of belly laughs.

Every episode feels as though the showrunner, Craig Digregorio, is one of us – the legion of Evil Dead fans who have been begging for more Ash for years. The “scary” scenes are scarier than most other shows on TV and the humor is so well executed that you can go from shitting bricks to shits and giggles at breakneck speeds.

Emmy Worthy?

Horror, as a genre, is notoriously looked past when it comes time for award consideration – if you disagree, feel free to ask the army of The Walking Dead fans who are consistently disappointed that Andrew Lincoln can’t get a nomination for best lead actor (one of the best performances on TV in my opinion). This has been true for as long as I can remember, with a few exceptions (most notably The Silence Of The Lambs). Horror, as a genre, is the Rodney Dangerfield of award season.

Rodney never got any respect either

No matter how well-crafted a horror movie/show is, chances are it will receive little recognition for anything outside of make-up or special effects awards. Now I don’t say this to downplay the importance of make-up or special effects, but Ash Vs Evil Dead is not your typical horror. Times change. And with them, so do the metrics by which we gauge artistic excellence. Sure a piece of horror fiction is more inclined to have better special effects than your average sit-com, but when that same horror fiction has better special effects AND better laughs, doesn’t that count for something?

In response to the overwhelmingly positive critical reception of the debut season of Ash Vs Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell has started a campaign to reverse this trend.

Half serious, half joking, half-assed. Well, that's just the Ash we all know and love.

Half serious, half joking, half-assed. Well, that’s just the Ash we all know and love.

Check It Out!

Season 2 is slated to come out this Fall, though there is no official date right now. There was a tweet shedding some insight into when we could expect the next addition of the show, but it has since been removed. Either way, you still have plenty of time to catch up.

If you haven’t seen Ash Vs Evil Dead yet, you are really missing out. You can wait until August 23 to buy the Blu-Ray and DVD, or you can get your ass over to the STARZ channel (which has a nifty little add-on subscription if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber already) and get caught up on the new King of TV.

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