Is This Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s Villain?

Trying to stay up-to-date with all the news surrounding the upcoming slate of Marvel movies can sometimes feel like a juggling act. Whether it’s swirling or exciting , it seems that we’re being flooded with almost daily developments.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the follow-up to 2014’s smash hit, has kept things pretty close to the chest throughout production though. Aside from some casting news, there isn’t much we know about James Gunn’s sequel. This week, however, an exciting possibility surfaced, one that, if true, would give a lot more insight into what Guardians 2 might look like. , Elizabeth Debicki is joining the cast and potentially playing the film’s villain— Ayesha (aka Kismet aka Her).

Although this has yet to be officially confirmed, here are a few reasons we hope this rumor proves to be true!

Elizabeth Is A Rising Star

After breaking out as stylish, statuesque Jordan in The Great Gatsby, Debicki has stolen scenes in roles alongside Michael Fassbender and Marion Cottillard in Macbeth and in Tom Hiddleston’s buzzy series The Night Manager. With several projects in development and increasingly high-profile projects, it’s a mutually beneficial move for her and Marvel to team up. Marvel gets a compelling actress with growing momentum, and a major role in a fiercely anticipated comic book movie might be just the thing to catapult Debicki to full-fledged stardom.

She’s a Rockin’ Villian

Debicki has already pulled off playing a film’s primary villain, in last summer’s spy caper The Man From U.N.C.L.E. She plays criminal mastermind Victoria with a cool elegance that adds to the film’s fun, retro dynamic. Debicki could definitely channel the above-it-all and in-control Victoria in playing the other-worldly and supremely powerful Ayesha. Plus, her ethereal appearance and imposing height of 6’3″ further qualify her to play a goddess-like being.

Fresh Villainy

There are so many things that the Marvel films do well, but many fans feel that, overall, villains can be a weak-point. With the exception of Loki, the MCU hasn’t turned many really distinct and memorable villains. There’s barely anything that distinguishes the first Guardian‘s Ronan the Accuser and Thor 2′s Malekith, for example. A female villain automatically stands-out and requires a fresh approach. Guardians seems particularly suited to this choice, as it would be a lot of fun to watch Peter Quill and the gang interact with a female Big Bad as opposed to more of the same. This would, alongside as the villain in Thor 3, promise a more dynamic roster of villains for Phase Three.

Adam Warlock

Ayesha’s addition in the MCU also if this could bring Adam Warlock on-screen as well, as they share the same origin story in the comics. Both are created by the Enclave in the hopes of constructing a perfect being.

Some fans speculate that Adam Warlock could be Peter Quill’s father, so it’s possible that the appearance of Ayesha would get us one step closer to having that mystery solved. Either way, Warlock is an extremely powerful figure with a connection to the Infinity Stones, which have been set up as the overarching connection across all the MCU films, so the prospect of him appearing is an exciting one.

Here’s hoping that we see Elizabeth as Ayesha come next May!