Is this the most underrated show on TV?

With all the hype and attention that Game of Thrones is receiving regarding the release of the new season, i really wanted to express through this post another thought which i just couldn’t escape from over the last few weeks.

Season 2 Banner

Season 2 Banner

This masterpiece is a British-American horror drama created by writer John Logan in collaboration with Showtime and Sky. It is set in Victorian London (an era which i am truly very fond of) where science meets the supernatural in the streets of London. The show features the characters from the most famous British gothic novels such Oscar WIld’s Dorian Gray, elements of Dracula, Victor Frankenstein and his monsters, as well as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

The true brilliance of the show comes down to two points:

1) The absolutely amazing cast assembled, each actor lives and breathes the roles in which they are assigned to.

2) The brilliant writing of the story and how all the characters and their individual stories are intertwined and brought to the surface. Penny Dreadful takes the audience through a scientific and supernatural journey across Victorian London.

This show tests the audience in every aspect, religion and the supernatural, human behavior and desires, sex, blood and gruesomeness and basically targets something very deep and very human within us. I can say that us the audience embark on personal development momentum along with the characters.

The cast and characters:

1) Eva Green – Vanessa Ives

Miss Vanessa Ives is the main character with the story unfolding around her, she has a “special” gift which makes her very aware of the supernatural and paranormal which exists in the world beyond our own. She feels that her gift is a curse which torments her daily and we the audience join her fight to reach the light.

2) Josh Harnett – Ethan Chandler

Mr. Chandler is an American sharp shooter and we are being introduced to him while performing his show in London. Vanessa needs a man capable with guns and not hesitant to pull the trigger when need to as they embark in their endeavor.

3) Timothy Dalton – Sir Malcolm Murray

Sir Malcolm Murray is a wealthy explorer and is quite the mysterious character that needs a lot of unfolding to learn about his character. He is strong, tough, cruel, determined, a capable fighter and the unforgiving kind. He and Vanessa go way back joining forces for a common goal.

4) Harry Treadaway – Dr. Victor Frankestein

One of the most famous and recognized names is that of Victor Frankenstein. Harry Treadaway does a marvelous job in portraying this obsessive doctor who has only 1 goal in life to conquer death and separate the tissue between life and death. A brilliant look into a life of obsession and addiction. Our dear doctor joins the crew bringing his scientific mind into a supernatural war.

5) Reeve Carney – Dorian Gray

Another great addition from Gothic fiction novels is the well know story of Dorian Grey. Reeve Carney does a spectacular job bringing back to our screens this character filled with mystery, emotions, desires and sin. Although the character is a bit different than Oscar Wild’s depiction the writers of the show have placed Dorian Gray in a certainly interesting path intertwining with the rest of our characters.

5) Rory Kinnear – Frankenstein’s Monster

Penny Dreadful offers us an incredible insight in the life and sorrows of Frankenstein’s creation or abomination as is referred constantly through out the show. It places us in the monster’s perspective actually making us feel his sorrow, his pain, and his ever lasting torment as well as the highly complex relationship with his creator Victor Frankestein.