Is Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet Necessary?

Just recently, the internet received some shocking news revolving the adaptation of Wonder Woman in her solo film and in other movies to come. According to the president of DC Entertainment Diane Nelson, Of course, the invisible jet could always show up in future films but Nelson made it sound like we will never get the invisible jet with Gal Gadot’s iteration of Wonder Woman. It does make sense as this movie will have a new tone and look and an invisible jet might not fit in.

What is The Invisible Jet?

The Invisible Plane, otherwise known as the Invisible Jet, is a plane built by the Amazonians capable of becoming invisible. It is loaded with invisible missiles, is very lightweight, and is always available to Wonder Woman whenever she needs it. She can use it if she needs to carry a larger group of people that she cannot just carry. Also, if she needs to sneak into battle without being seen, the Invisible Jet is the way to go. The jet cannot be seen by the human eye or any type of radar. It is definitely an impressive piece of equipment as it really does show how advanced the Amazonians really are!

However, a lot of fans argue whether or not the Invisible Jet is actually necessary. Sure, she can carry extra people and go into battle without being seen, but those are not good reasons to have an invisible jet on you all the time. Well, there is one reason that a lot of people, especially non-comic book readers tend to forget sometimes.

Wonder Woman Couldn’t Always Fly

That’s right! Before Crisis on Infinite Earths rewrote many of the iconic superheroes, Wonder Woman simply could not fly. Therefore, the Invisible Plane becomes a necessity for Wonder Woman as that would be her main way of transportation, and it’s a pretty good one. Crisis on Infinite Earths enabled Wonder Woman to fly since the beginning of her origin when Hippolyta made Wonder Woman out of clay and granted Wonder Woman the powers of beauty, power, strength, speed and flight.

When it comes down to it, the invisible jet is necessary if Wonder Woman does not have the ability to fly. If she can fly, the Invisible Jet becomes almost pointless to have. This is why the Invisible Jet really hasn’t been seen that much since Wonder Woman can now fly. However, with DC Rebirth rebooting the characters back to their normal origins, could Wonder Woman lose her ability to fly?

Is the Invisible Jet necessary? Will Wonder Woman Loose Her Ability to Fly After DC Rebirth? Tell me below!


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