It’ll Be Easier Next Time: Everything We Know About ‘The Strangers 2’

The last line of The Strangers is brilliantly creepy. Pin-Up Girl turns to fellow masekd killer Dollface and says:

That ‘next time’ is finally here, but will it all be easier? The Strangers 2 is tentatively due for release , a full eight years after the first movie became a sneak success, making over $80 million on a budget of only $9 million. The trailer for the original The Strangers conveys the kind of low-key, creepy vibe that we hope will be continued in The Strangers 2.

Release Date

It’s been announced that The Strangers 2 will be released December 2, 2016, but details are thin on the ground. Some sources cite a theatrical opening while others point towards a straight-to-DVD/VOD release. The Strangers 2 has been reportedly , and with few details of the project currently available, it seems that the December 2, 2016 release date could be moved again.


Releasing body Relativity Media put out the following statement about the plot of The Strangers 2:

‘The Strangers 2’ is a thrilling sequel that lives up to the hype of the original film. After financial troubles force them to move out of their house, a family of four try to make it through the night in a deserted trailer park while being hunted by the savage, ax-wielding, mask-wearing trio wrecking havoc once again.

It had been rumored that The Strangers 2 would be set in an apparently abandoned trailer park, with a family of four meeting the original masked killers from the first movie. Sounds a little like !


Could Liv Tyler come back from the dead in 'The Strangers 2'?
Could Liv Tyler come back from the dead in ‘The Strangers 2’?

Bryan Bertino, who wrote The Strangers, has co-written the script for The Strangers 2 with Ben Ketai, but we know nothing about any actors yet. There are currently no details about who will be cast in The Strangers 2, but rumors have been flying around that Liv Tyler will return for a small role. Fans of the original movie know that this is hardly possible for her character, unless it’s a prequel or a flashback role! Back in 2011, Tyler told coming soon that her return was unlikely:

“It’s strange. I’ve read the script. It’s been around the whole time, but I don’t know how real it is. Bryan isn’t directing it, I don’t know what’s happened with it. I didn’t love the idea personally, but Bryan’s such a good writer. He had another project that I was obsessed with and fell I love with and kept trying to convince them to not do ‘The Strangers 2’… Who knows? Hollywood is so confusing.”

It is not yet known whether the Sackhead, Pin-Up Girl and Sackhead will return.

The Strangers 2 arrives December 2, 2016. Will you be home?

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