It’s Coming: Everything You Need to Know About “The Predator”

In 2018, one of the most terrifying movie monsters will return to the big-screen (for what will be the first time in nine years) when The Predator hits theatres. By now, it is common knowledge that Shane Black will be directing the newest installment of the legendary franchise. But what information might you not know? Well, what better time than the 29th anniversary of the iconic original, to take a look at everything you need to know about the upcoming The Predator.

1. Shane Black is Directing

Director: Shane Black (courtesy of Marvel)

Director: Shane Black (courtesy of Marvel)

Remember Hawkins from Predator? You do? Awesome! Well Shane Black who portrayed the character is also a well-renowned writer and director. He has become known for being behind films such as Lethal Weapon, The Last Action Hero, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys. He will also be , but not before he returns to the Predator franchise to direct and co-write The Predator. Black has appeared to be excited at the prospect of re-inventing the franchise and fans are thrilled to have him steering the ship.

2. It Will Be a Sequel, Not a Reboot

A Predator Sequel? YAY!
A Predator Sequel? YAY!

Upon the first announcement, many thought that Shane Black’s fresh take on the Predator franchise would reboot it. However, Black has since clarified in an interview with that this would not be the case and instead, confirmed that The Predator would indeed be a sequel, commenting, “Why start over, when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine?”. He then furthered that up, claiming that he doesn’t like the idea of reboots but can “really get behind inventive sequels”.

Personally, I’m glad that they aren’t rebooting. Reboots commonly redesign and change everything to suit their new interpretation and I don’t think any major changes to the creature of the Predator would work. It’s such an incredibly well thought-out warrior that major changes would only take away from it. Look what happened when Predators gave the creatures a significant redesign in 2010. The original Predator creature is just too iconic to change drastically.

3. The Events of Predator Will Likely Tie In To The Film

Iconic: The original Predator from the 1987 film

Iconic: The original Predator from the 1987 film

Now that we know The Predator will be a sequel to Predator, it’s possible that the events of the original will tie in to the sequel somehow. This wouldn’t be the first time this happened as, although Predator 2 was a standalone adventure, they did make reference to the events in the rainforest and Predator‘s Anna was also seen on videotape. They also referenced the events of Predator in the 2010 film Predators. Thus, with The Predator officially being a sequel, (and standalone sequels becoming a thing of the past), as well as Shane Black’s involvement in the original, it’s highly likely that Predator will be involved in the new film in some capacity. The biggest possible involvement is our next point…

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger MIGHT Return!

Veteran: Could Arnold return for sequel?
Veteran: Could Arnold return for sequel?

Everybody wants this to happen. Ever since news of The Predator broke, as Major ‘Dutch’ Schaefer from Predator back in 1987. Arnie’s name has come up a couple of times when The Predator has been discussed – and rightfully so, we want to know what happened to ‘Dutch’ since the 1987 rainforest incident. According to some reports, Black has met with Arnold to discuss a potential role in the film, so that’s definitely promising! Like I alluded to in our previous point, ‘Dutch’s involvement in the project would definitely tie the events of Predator to The Predator! Make it happen, Mr. Black! We Want Arnie!

5. The Lead Character’s Name is Quinn McKenna

City Hunter: The Predator in 'Predator 2'

City Hunter: The Predator in ‘Predator 2’

In a recent interview with , Shane Black revealed that the franchise would feature a new main character. Black commented:

The hero of the film, the name I’ve given the guy, is Quinn McKenna.

At this point, nothing else is known about Quinn McKenna, however, the fact that we have a main character makes the project suddenly feel very real. It likely won’t be too long before we have casting news on the role. On a side note: this doesn’t contradict Schwarzenegger’s potential return – due to ‘Dutch’s circumstances, he would likely have more of a mysterious supporting role rather than the lead role. But that’s just speculation at this point. Either way, The Predator has a main character, and Quinn McKenna sounds like a badass!

6. It Will Be an “Event Film”

The New Poster for 'The Predator'

The New Poster for ‘The Predator’

When a new Alien film is announced, people freak out with joy. The Alien franchise has become synonymous with “event films” and now Black promises that The Predator will also have that “event film” feel to it. He recently told that he was going to “re-infuse it with a sense of mystery”. Co-writer Fred Dekker got us excited when talking to , he again compared the franchise to the Alien franchise:

If you think of the first ‘Predator’ as ‘Alien’, ours is much more ‘Aliens’…it’s not, let’s kill off all of our characters, because we have a lot of characters, from a lot of different worlds and ideologies. I don’t mean other planets. It’s a lot of people doing a lot of things in a lot of locations.

I use the word exciting because as well-received as Alien was, Aliens hit the stratosphere. Could we see the same thing happen to the Predator franchise?

7. The Hunt Begins: February 9, 2018!

Set your calendars: The Predator returns on February 9, 2018! It’s coming!

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