It’s Not Just About Pennywise: It’s Powers In ‘It’ Movie Remake

2017 sees the release of the — or ‘reboot’ as seems to be the trendy term — and we’ll have . We’ve seen his look for Pennywise, which looks good enough to persuade even die-hard fans of that this It movie remake may be worth looking into.

Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise for the It movie remake. Image: EW
Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise for the It movie remake. Image: EW

However, , and the creature that no mortal can look upon in its true form has many terrifying abilities. Put it this way, if you were playing a computer game made up of fights with Stephen King villains (can someone please make that?!) It would be the final boss. Take a look at It’s many powers and think about which would be the coolest to see on screen in 2017.

Pull Shapes

It can transform into pretty much any form he likes, from a dead body to a bug to Pennywise the clown. It’s his ability to change and deceive that makes It such a threat: how can you protect yourself against something that could come to you as anything, even in the shape of someone you love?

Pennywise and the grown-up Loser's Club in the It movie 1990. Image: WBTV

Pennywise and the grown-up Loser’s Club in the It movie 1990. Image: WBTV

Use Your Illusion

It can produce illusions at whim, which is a filmmaker’s dream in terms of creating astonishing visual effects. It conjures an eyeball in the Loser’s Club’s fortune cookies, and that’s probably the nicest thing It ever does to them… The possibilities for an amazing ability like this are endless, especially as It can target its illusions, making them visible (or audible) only to certain people. Unless the 2017 It movie is shot in Smell-O-vision (which I would love!) It’s ability to conjure smells such as rotting flesh or cotton candy will not be tickling our noses any time soon.

Now You See It…

The kids believe that It is only visible to certain people, like . The Loser’s Club and other children in Derry believe in It, so he manifests to them, mostly as Pennywise the clown. It can use this to his own ends, choosing to be visible or invisible at will.

Healing Skills

Nope, sorry, It is a selfish prick and only heals himself, using his Wolverine-like powers of regeneration to restore himself after injury. Bill manages to shoot It (in its werewolf form) in the head and It still manages to pursue him effortlessly. Still, seeing as how It’s true form is supposedly beyond the physical, it’s likely that many of his corporeal bodies are of no real importance.

SFX guru Bart Mixon touches up Tim Curry's make-up for the It movie 1990. Image: Bart Mixon

SFX guru Bart Mixon touches up Tim Curry’s make-up for the It movie 1990. Image: Bart Mixon

It’ll Get Into Your Head

It can read minds, which is a great asset in It’s quest to destroy people. Reading Patrick Hockstetter’s mind, for example, reveals his fear of leeches, which enables It to come for him in the most terrifying way possible. It can also control minds, send telepathic messages, and erase memories. If this ability is played up in the 2017 It movie, we could have a kind of Memento situation on our hands…

I Like The Way You Move

Not only can It teleport, but It can also move objects through telekinesis, which hardly seems fair! It can remotely lock doors, send things floating through the air. This ability was not seen all too often in the , so it’ll be interesting to see whether this power is featured more heavily in the 2017 It movie.

In Derry, we all flooooaattt! Image: WBTV
In Derry, we all flooooaattt! Image: WBTV

The Great Outdoors

It seems to affect the weather around Derry, with some powerful pathetic fallacy occurring when the Loser’s Club are faced with their nemesis. The destruction of downtown Derry caused by flood water is implied to be the direct cause of It’s evil abilities. It can also kill great swathes of plants with just a touch, although this occurs when It is in its Leper form ( in the 2017 movie).

Which of It’s powers are the coolest and which will work best on screen for the 2017 It movie?

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