Jamie Lynn Spears Reveals Teen Pregnancy Struggles In New Interview

Simpler times.

Nonetheless, the negative backlash had a negative impact on the Zoey 101 star and nine years later, she’s finally opened up about her experiences as a teenage mother in a new promo for her upcoming TLC special, When the Lights Go Out.
In the clip, Jamie Lynn breaks down while discussing the moment she discovered her pregnancy.

In the clip, the former teenage mom adds;

Zoey 101 Via Nickelodeon

Zoey 101 Via Nickelodeon

Finally, Jamie Lynn looks to the future;
In other news, Jamie Lynn also announced that she has a new single out on June 9, titled “Sleepover”.Catch more of the interview alongside appearances from Jamie Lynn’s parents and husband James Watson when Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out airs June 26 on TLC. Will you check out Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out or would you rather watch re-runs of Zoey 101?

Classic Zoey.