Jim Carrey Teams Up With Eli Roth To Adapt The Freaky Horror Comic ‘Aleister Arcane’

, but people still like to peg and nothing more. Once again though, the talented performer is set to prove audiences wrong with his latest project, a film adaptation of Steve Niles’s horror series Aleister Arcane.

First published by IDW Comics in 2004, Aleister Arcane revolves around a group of children who become friends with a local horror TV host, whose untimely death kick starts a chain of events that curse the town with unspeakable torment.

This isn’t the first time that the comic has been optioned for a film adaptation. Back in 2004, Paramount picked up the rights and began developing the project with Michael Aguilar and Dean Georgaris, but the rights eventually lapsed, leaving Aleister Arcane in limbo, much like Aleister himself.

Via IDW Comics

Via IDW Comics

Reports state that Jon Croker will adapt Aleister Arcane for the screen with Eli Roth working in the director’s chair. No release date has been confirmed yet, so we don’t know if Roth will begin work on first or jump straight into this Jim Carry star vehicle, but either way, it’s an exciting time for horror fans.

What’s particularly interesting about this project though is that Roth typically directs more harrowing, gory affairs such as Knock Knock and The Green Inferno, a style that works more in line with Niles’s other comics, like 30 Days of Night. In comparison to the usual work of both Roth and Niles, Aleister Arcane is more light-hearted with an element of fun thrown in alongside the scares.

However, the tone of the Aleister Arcane comic sounds like it will be a perfect fit for Jim Carrey, hopefully making up for his last film Dumb and Dumber To, which succeeded at the box office but failed miserably where the fans were concerned.

Via IDW Comics

Via IDW Comics

Don’t worry, guys. We’ll keep you posted as soon as more information surfaces on both Aleister Arcane and Roth’s Death Wish project.

Will Jim Carrey find success within the world of horror or will he always just be Ace Ventura to the fans?

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