Joint Demonic Possession: Will ‘Insidious 4’ Explore The Nightmarish Universe It Shares With ‘Insidious’?

The structure of a unleashes a world full of possibilities. For the likes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this helps to create a fun concoction of the finest A-list superheroes. But what happens when much darker, chilling fictional worlds collide?

The worlds in question stem from two of horror’s most well known franchises in recent times: Insidious and Sinister. Whether our nerves can take it or not, the duo do in fact share a demonic realm. But will Insidious 4 take things further and further, and finally bridge the gap between Mr. Boogie and the Red-Face demon?

Insidious And Sinister Share A Nightmarish Universe

Although it’s the stuff nightmares are made of, we’re yet to see these worlds really flex their ghoulish muscles in one singular movie. In their own right, both franchises have been highly successful.

James Wan directed both Insidious (2011) and Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013), before screenwriter Leigh Whannell took over directing duties for Chapter 3, released last year. Combined, the trilogy has generated $357.7 million, against a humble budget of $16.5 million.

Mr Boogie (Credit: Summit Entertainment)

Mr Boogie (Credit: Summit Entertainment)

Sinister tells a similar scary story. The original, released in 2012, made $77 million from a $3 million budget, while the sequel earned dwarfed its $10 million budget by making $52.9 million.

Insidious 4 Could Have More References To This Universe

Unsurprisingly, that we can expect a fourth chapter in the form of Insidious 4, also written and directed by Whannell. Both franchises are owned by the esteemed horror production company, Blumhouse, opening up possibilities for some seriously messed up crossovers.

Will Insidious 4 bridge the gap? (Credit: Focus Features)

Will Insidious 4 bridge the gap? (Credit: Focus Features)

Production company founder Jason Blumhouse confirmed In an that he was open to joining evil forces across the two, and links had already been made. He said:

“Be like Marvel, you mean? Yeah! I want to do that. We’ve been putting Easter Eggs in movies in different things. There’s some in Insidious 3. There’s some in Sinister 2. So yeah, we’ve been doing that. I would like to do more of that.”

Creepy Easter Eggs

Insidious 4 is still leering creepily in the distance, but Whannell has revealed that the narrative will take place between Chapter 1 and Chapter 3. dealt with a couple (Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) dealing with the demonic possession of their son, while the third acted as a prequel to those events.


But while we cower and hide behind the sofa at the prospect of an emphatic, soul destroying tag team of evil spirits, we may have to settle for some well place Easter Eggs and references,, rather than an Avenger’s style mashup.

Still, that alone is a terrifying prospect.

Are you familiar with the Insidious/Sinister shared universe? How would you like to see them combine?


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