Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez Share Thier Memories of the First Fast and Furious Film

Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez Share Thier Memories of the First Fast and Furious Film by Peter DiDonato , May 25th, 2016 at 3:45pm Share on Facebook Share to TwitterAs we reported earlier , Universal is celebrating the 15th anniversary of their Fast and Furious franchise by bringing the first film back to theaters. The original 2001 film will come to 1,500 theaters on June 22nd, exactly 15 years after it initially hit theaters. Fans will be able to relive their first theatrical experience with the franchise before it became the multi-billion-dollar success it is today. From Dominic and Brian’s first race to the tuna sandwich that started it all, several fond memories are bound to be revisited this June. The nostalgia is so contagious that even the cast can’t help but reminisce on the old days.In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly , Jordana Brewster recalled her first experience playing Mia Toretto in 2001. When asked how she got involved in the first film, Brewster said:In addition, Brewster discussed how the first film’s director, Rob Cohen, helped develop her character. She said:Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster and Vin DieselBrewster also remembered the last time she re-watched the first film, saying:Brewster was then asked about her experience working with the cast, who were all up-incoming actors at the time. On working with actors early in their careers, Brewster said:Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana BrewsterWhen asked if Paul Walker’s death made it difficult to watch the previous films, Brewster agreed. In fact, she hasn’t watched Furious 7 since the film’s premiere last year. She said of watching the previous films:Paul Walker and Jordana BrewsterIn conclusion, Brewster admitted that she did not expect the franchise’s massive success at all. When asked if she thought that the first film would get a sequel, Brewster said:Also speaking to Entertainment Weekly was Michelle Rodriguez, who is best known for playing Letty in the series. She was also asked if she watched the original film since it’s release, to which she responded:Michelle RodriguezRodriguez was then asked about the development of her character in the first film. She admitted that Letty’s character needed a lot of work during the first film’s development. She said it was especially challenging for the filmmakers to create a strong, female character for a film geared mostly towards men. She said of Letty’s character:Vin Diesel and Michelle RodriguezWhen asked if the original script had a love triangle between Letty, Brian and Dominic, Rodriguez said:Rodriguez also said that she kept a tight grip on Letty’s character, but that asserting creative control got easier as the series went on. She said:Just like with Jordana Brewster, Entertainment Weekly asked Rodriguez if Paul Walker’s death made watching the previous films harder. She said:Vin Diesel and Paul WalkerFinally, Rodriguez was asked whether or not she saw the franchise’s success coming when the first film was made. She replied:Through its ups and downs, it doesn’t seem like Brewster or Rodriguez have any regrets about working on this franchise. And why should they? It’s a global phenomenon that offers audiences some likable characters and performances with its fun, escapist setpieces.So if you want to go back to where it all began, check out the re-release of the first film on June 22nd. You can book your tickets on Fandango now.