‘Justice League’ At Comic-Con: The 5 Most Insane Moments Of Your New Favorite Team

Let’s put it simply: Warner Bros. did not hold back at this year’s SDCC, spoiling us with that packed more than a punch, superposed with new bits of non-spoilery footage, and . Who would have thought we’d already get more than an image for DC’s much anticipated superhero team-up?

The video is even more awesome when you consider those are the first appearances of Ray Fisher as Cyborg, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and Ezra Miller as the Flash — and it’s safe to say fans of the CW’s The Flash shouldn’t be too disappointed with the latter. We didn’t get much of Victor Stone a.k.a. Cyborg, but the tension between Bruce Wayne and Arthur Curry alone makes it worth the hype.

Here are five of the best moments of the new Justice League footage.

1. A Mystery Box Is Buried

‘Justice League’ / Warner Bros/DC

The root of the evil the Justice League has to team up against could very well be hidden in this chest — is this a treasure of Darkseid’s? The viking/warrior style of the men working to hide that box also indicates that this is a threat that’s been around for centuries.

2. Aquaman Doesn’t Fuck Around

‘Justice League’ / Warner Bros/DC

Arguably the best part of the trailer is Jason Momoa’s Aquaman: We’d heard that he got insanely ripped for the role, and the result sure doesn’t hurt the eye. Most importantly, it’s his I-don’t-give-no-fucks attitude that we really needed to lighten up the tone of Warner’s DCEU. Plus, his (initial) refusal to join the Justice League breaks the illusion that this is a superhero team of BFFs happy to save the world. Diana Prince had warned Wayne, these are heroes who might want to stay hidden.

3. Bruce Wayne And Arthur Curry Are Getting It On

‘Justice League’ / Warner Bros/DC

We told you about his IDGAF style: Not only does Aquaman not really like the idea of joining the Justice League, he’s not very happy he even got the proposal in the first place.

4. We Got A First Look At The Flash In Action

‘Justice League’ / Warner Bros/DC

One of the biggest questions marks for Justice League was Ezra Miller’s take on the flash — but he nails the first impression. A reclusive teenager, he’s overjoyed at the prospect of actually having a mission to go on, so we can only hope Bruce Wayne lets go of the grumpiness for a minute and mentors him a bit.

5. And We Couldn’t Leave Without A Look At Cyborg

‘Justice League’ / Warner Bros/DC

Cyborg was clearly eclipsed by the Flash, but his outfit looks awesome nonetheless. His composed attitude perfectly outbalances the giddy Barry Allen on the team, so I can’t wait to see more of how these characters get along!

What was your favorite part of the new Justice League footage?


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