‘Justice League’ Footage: What It Means For Our Heroes

After receiving horrible reviews from critics for ‘Batman V Superman’, Warners Bros., and the directors and staff of upcoming DCEU movies got a good idea of what they should do, and what they shouldn’t, which includes removing 30 minutes of a movie, which will make the plot feel rushed .. but release an ultimate edition version of the movie a few months later. Many DC fans were worried director Zack Synder will ruin the long anticipated Justice League movie, but judging from the footage released from Comic-Con, I personally think ‘Justice League’ will be a splendid movie, which critics and fans will enjoy.

If you haven’t watched it, here’s the special Comic-Con footage:

As you can see, the movie’s going to be amazing, but there’s a few things we don’t know so far. Most comic book readers may have found hints, clues & easter eggs in the clip, while some haven’t. So, I’ll be breaking down the footage and point out the key Easter Eggs and what you can expect to occur in the movie.

Mother Boxes

The Mother Box Being Buried

The Mother Box Being Buried

In this scene of the footage, you can see a group of people from the medieval times bury a box. Well, this box is known as the Mother Box. It has several abilities, which includes transporting individuals or objects from one location to another. Since we know the villain is Steppenwolf and not Darkseid, Steppenwolf could be using these mother boxes to transport Parademons (the winged creatures in Batman’s nightmare during Batman V Superman) to Earth.

Mister Miracle's Mother Box

Mister Miracle’s Mother Box

For example, in ‘Justice League Volume 1: Origin’, Darkseid and his army of Parademon invaded Earth by using mother boxes, which were scattered across the world.

Wonder Woman’s Role In Recruiting Allies

Diana Prince perhaps will play a larger role in ‘Justice League’, as she helps Bruce recruit the metahumans found on Lex’s computer. Wonder Woman may have a part in recruiting Cyborg, as he tells Batman near the end of the footage,

“I’ve heard about you. Didn’t think you were real”- Cyborg to Batman

It is a likely possibility, when you consider that out of the three remaining metahumans, Bruce went out to recruit two of them (Barry Allen and Arthur Curry). According to the previous quote, Diana must have gone to Cyborg and persuaded him to join their crusade. A less likely option may be that Cyborg joins on his account and didn’t require any recruiting.

Barry Allen

The Flash will be bringing some lightness in the dark tone of the ‘Justice League’ movie. Although, Barry Allen seems to be in his early 20s, without a doubt, he will be playing a large role in the movie as the plot thickens. Remember his little cameo during ‘Batman V Superman’? Knowing the Flash, he will definitely have some witty dialogue, the audience should be prepared to laugh, similar to Spiderman’s role in ‘Captain America: Civil War’.

Aquaman: A Problem for the Team

Aquaman drinking his liquor

We can all agree on one thing, Aquaman is just simply awesome. Despite the tough exterior Arthur Curry brings, we get a glimpse of his kindness and gentleness towards others.

There’s a stranger who comes to this village from the sea. He comes in the winter when people are hungry and brings fish. He comes on the king tide. That was last night. -Bruce Wayne to the villagers

As King of Atlantis, Arthur Curry Aka Aquaman is the respected leader of his people. However, with Bruce Wayne in charge of the Justice League, we can except some conflict between the two, as there can only be one alpha male. Hopefully, we’ll see a scene in ‘Justice League’ similar to the one pictured below from The New 52’s Justice League Volume 1: Origin.

Cyborg’s Flashback or Dream

In the footage at 0:42, you could see Cyborg walking down the street with his varsity football jacket. Since ‘Batman v Superman’ shows us a short clip of Victor becoming Cyborg, this must be a flashback before the horrific incident, which causes Silas Stone to use extrtaerrsital technology to save his son’s life. Another possibility is Cyborg is having a dream of himself as a human, which he often has in comics. Whenever Cyborg undergoes a software update, Silas Stone takes Victor offline and lets his son take a nap. The producers and creative staff of ‘Justice League’ will be relying on the comics for the movie, we can perhaps expect to see a scene where we see Victor’s desire for things to be the way they used to be.

The Justice League

The cast of 'Justice League'

The cast of ‘Justice League’


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