Justin Bieber And Miley Cyrus Continue To Merge Into One Singular Being In New Instagram Vid!

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have pretty weird relationship that is mainly based on , and now Bieber has taken things to a whole new level by doing his best Miley impression.

In the short video we see Bieber cruising in a car with his BFF Khalil before donning his best husky Southern accent to deliver us some Miley and Mandy Show realness.

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For those of you who weren’t into Miley before she tranformed into the glittering butterfly that she is today, the show Bieber is referencing is the Youtube series Miley made with her dancer and friend, Mandy Jiroux. The last episode aired six years ago.

If you want a taste of the action lower your volume (trust me, the hysterical shrieking is wild) and check out the show’s world premiere from 2008 below:

So much

Dunno about you guys, but I still think Miley’s impression is better!

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Whose impression do you think is better?


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