Kid Flash Costume Reveal Proves That The CW Always Gets Superheroes Right

So if you haven’t heard yet, the CW’s gem The Flash has once again made headlines today as the network . We all speculated that we might see like his comic book counterpart, especially after he was last season.

Well, it looks like we were correct as the photo confirms that we will see Wally West become Kid Flash. Check out the amazing costume reveal below:

Kid Flash Is born!

Kid Flash Is born!

However, Wally’s future heroism isn’t the only thing that the reveal proves. It also once again highlights that the CW continues to excel in bringing our favorite superheroes to life. Whereas big time film studios are worried about making the superheroes’ outfits “their own” (particularly the Flash’s), the CW continues to give us outfits that remain loyal to the comic books while never being afraid to add their own little charm to it. And that continues to make our comic book loving hearts very happy!

Let’s take a look at some of the times the CW got it right with our favorite superheroes:

The Flash

Comparison: The comics and "The Flash" TV Show.
Comparison: The comics and “The Flash” TV Show.

When fans first heard that one of DC’s main superheroes was coming to the CW as a spin-off of the mega hit Arrow, fans were incredibly excited. Furthermore, they eagerly anticipated the costume. When Grant Gustin was cast in the role, many were over the moon while others were skeptical — citing irrelevant factors such as “he’s too thin.” However, for they had confirmation of what they already knew — Gustin looked amazing as the superhero. Covered from head to toe in red, with a lightning bolt emblem on his chest, the Flash’s outfit was incredibly loyal to the comic book.

The Flash is without a doubt, the CW’s most watched series ever, but the costume was another major victory for the network. While DC movies are busy trying to construct a semi-robotic secret Flash suit for their 2017 Justice League film which will be full of moving parts, the majority of fans are perfectly happy with the simple, subtle and loyal outfit on the CW. The Flash’s costume is one of the network’s best yet. And it proves that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this TV network can deliver film-worthy costumes any day.

Green Arrow

Comparison: The Green Arrows.
Comparison: The Green Arrows.

This is an interesting one — while the CW’s original suit for Stephen Amell to wear on Arrow was noticeably different than the comic book one, it still maintained enough of the character’s identity to become Arrow‘s most beloved suit. Paired together, the original long-sleeved suit for the Arrow as well as Oliver Queen’s moody disposition almost set the CW adaptation completely apart from the source material. However, it was a resounding success and many fans have called for the reinstatement of the Arrow on the series.

The character currently wears a costume much more reminiscent of the comic book version — short sleeves and all — since his transformation into the Green Arrow on the show. Ironically though, the costume was as the one from the earlier Arrow days.

Either way, this still proves that the CW managed to get it right. By altering the comic book design, the series managed to create a hero of their own, one as beloved as the comic book character. However, there was just enough of the character’s essence to make sure that it pleased everyone. Despite the show falling in standard lately, the current outfit still manages to do the same thing, all while remaining even more loyal to the comic book outfit.


From comics to TV: Ronnie and Jefferson.
From comics to TV: Ronnie and Jefferson.

Back when Robbie Amell’s Ronnie Raymond was Firestorm, the CW ingeniously managed to create a casual version of the comic book costume with a simple jacket. All they had to do was place the quantum splicer over the jacket and Firestorm was born. Never being afraid to innovate in their own way, the casual Firestorm look was a resounding success that pleased comic book fans.

However, when poor Ronnie went to that great singularity in the sky, Professor Stein merged with Jefferson Jackson to become Firestorm 2.0. Over on Legends Of Tomorrow, “Jax” now has an outfit almost identical to the comic book version of Firestorm. Looking incredibly sleek and badass, it’s always an awesome moment when Stein and Jackson merge to become Firestorm. Franz Drameh really looks awesome in the costume.

Black Canary

Comic book to TV: Katie Cassidy's Black Canary.

Comic book to TV: Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary.

Getting it right doesn’t always mean being identical. While they already had Caity Lotz play their original Canary, the CW had to come up with something new for . And boy, they really did a great job, giving the character a mask and tonfa while still maintaining the trademark black jacket from the comic books. It may have been a unique look but it was still the beloved Black Canary.

Perhaps the boldest move they made was keeping her human. Unlike her comic book counterpart, Laurel in Arrow was not a metahuman and thus, couldn’t activate a supernatural Canary Cry. However, thanks to Cisco at S.T.A.R. Labs, she was given a unique sonic collar that did the job just as well. She may have been a new version, but this Canary could still cry. It also proved that the CW weren’t afraid to give us something original that was still loyal to the comic books.


Comics to Cavanagh on "The Flash."
Comics to Cavanagh on “The Flash.”

“Some would say he’s the reverse,” and some would be right. When Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne showed up on The Flash, many fans were shocked that the series went for such a massive big bad in its freshman season. The CW could have been biting off more than they could chew.

However, that was not the case as they delivered big time. Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher were exceptional in the roles, but they couldn’t have done it without the terrifying yellow Reverse-Flash suit. It was awe-inspiring to see such an iconic supervillain come to life in such an amazing way.

The CW once again outdid themselves here and if the DC movies want Reverse-Flash in their upcoming The Flash film, they’re going to have one hell of a job ahead of them if they ever want to come close to the CW’s incredible costume.

Jay Garrick

The many faces of Jay Garrick.
The many faces of Jay Garrick.

When we found out we were going to be getting Jay Garrick on The Flash, fans freaked out. Not long afterwards, we saw Teddy Sears in the outfit and were overwhelmingly proud of the CW once again. Wearing the iconic helmet, the red jacket and blue pants, the CW had outdone themselves again. However, we soon found out that Teddy Sears wasn’t actually portraying Jay Garrick but Zoom. Thus, we wondered: How could The CW have topped their fraudulent success?

But they did. and thus was played by the incomparable John Wesley Shipp. And that goosebump-inducing moment when Garrick placed the helmet over his head, we were treated to the real Jay Garrick’s complete costume. Much more colorful than Zoom’s fake Garrick suit, it consisted of a more padded and tougher red jacket with a lightning bolt as well as bright blue pants. The real Jay Garrick was born and we were once again in awe — not just of the show, but of the CW’s superhero costumes.

Kid Flash

Kid Flash is here!
Kid Flash is here!

And here we are: Right back where we started with Kid Flash. The character has had many looks since his creation at DC Comics. However, The Flash has once again managed to remain incredibly loyal to the most iconic look — the one that was further popularized by the animated series Young Justice. Covered from head to toe in yellow and red, Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally West looks ready to join the long lineup of successful superhero adaptations by the CW. I am so excited to see Lonsdale suit up and speed through Central City alongside Grant Gustin. Seeing the two together will be a comic book dream come true, and I for one can’t wait.

So there you have just some of the countless times that the CW got superheroes right. Despite being a TV network, the CW has managed to produce convincing and cutting edge superhero television for almost half a decade. And the reason they are convincing is the costume design. Gone are the days of shiny tights and in their place are realistic, convincing and movie-worthy costumes, proving that the CW knows exactly how to get superheroes right.

Check out Wally’s memorable introduction on The Flash:

Are you excited to see Wally West lace up his speedster boots on The Flash? Do you think that the CW gets superheroes right? Let us know in the comments!


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