Laurel Lance May Return In ‘The Flash’ Season 3, But Will She Be ‘Arrow’s Hero Or Black Siren?

After , the second Black Canary to meet her demise at the wrong end of an arrow, fans are already hoping Katie Cassidy will return to the DCTV multiverse in some capacity. Characters don’t always stay dead in superhero shows ( ), so it’s possible that this isn’t the last we’ll see of Laurel Lance.

So how could she return? It’s unlikely that she’ll be brought back via the Lazarus Pit, as Nyssa al Ghul destroyed it after Sara’s resurrection turned sour.

Sara came back from the Lazarus Pit sans a soul.

And with in Arrow (though whether she’ll return in Season 5 remains to be seen), it seems as though Laurel might be better suited to return in another show. And The Flash Season 2 already set that up quite neatly.

Laurel’s Evil Earth-2 Twin

After Laurel’s Earth-2 doppelganger appeared in The Flash Season 2, there’s always the chance that the Laurel who returns isn’t the one we know and love. As part of the metapocalypse, Zoom transported a veritable army of b-list villains to Earth-1, and one of them was Black Siren, Laurel’s Earth-2 counterpart.

Earth-2 Laurel's a stone cold badass.

Earth-2 Laurel’s a stone cold badass.

Earth-2 Laurel was awesome, as Katie Cassidy amped up the villainy, giving a fresh take to a long standing character. The conclusion to her appearance in The Flash only left us wanting more, especially as Black Siren was captured by Team Flash, marooned on Earth-1 in STAR Labs’ handy basement jail. There was a nice little hint left hanging, as Cisco and Barry decided not to tell Sara and Oliver Queen about the existence of this alternate version of Laurel.

This seems like a neat set up to Laurel Lance’s return to the Flarrowverse, although admittedly this would be a different version of the character. Fully integrating her into the shows would be tricky, so it’s more likely she’ll return for a single follow-up episode.

Black Siren in the STAR Labs jail.

Black Siren would make for a great recurring villain, one who frequently causes trouble for our heroes. Of course, that’s if hasn’t erased her from the new timeline.

Saved From Death

We still don’t know how Barry’s decision to save his mother will change the timeline and ripple out into the other shows in DC’s TV multiverse. Barry didn’t have a huge impact on Arrow, apart from that one time he saved Team Arrow (sans the actual Arrow) from the League of Assassins in Arrow Season 3.

If the Flashpoint means Barry doesn’t actually become the Flash ( ), then there was no-one to save Laurel, Felicity, Diggle, Merlyn, and Ray from the League dungeon. We have no way of telling the effect this could have on later events, casting everything that happened subsequently in Arrow Seasons 3 and 4 into doubt.

Ok, this is a pretty thin plot point to rest Laurel’s return on, and it seems likely that The CW will keep Arrow separate from the Flashpoint, only alluding to the slight difference in timelines briefly. However, DC have resurrected characters on far, far shakier plot points, and it would be an interesting twist to have Laurel reappear on Arrow, explaining later that she didn’t actually die in this timeline.

Laurel Lance could be saved from death.

Laurel Lance could be saved from death.

And that would pose an interesting question — as “time wants to happen” (using Legends of Tomorrow logic), if Laurel is saved by the Flashpoint will she die again later on? Of course, there is another option for bringing Laurel back.

Reuniting With Her Sister

With Sara Lance as a main character on Legends of Tomorrow, the finale already teased the possibility of Laurel’s return in that show instead. When Sara discovered her sister had died, the first thing she did was threaten Rip Hunter, pleading with him to take her back in time to save Laurel. Arguing that by trying to save Laurel, Sara would only cause the deaths of herself and the rest of Team Arrow, Rip refused and Sara slowly accepted her sister’s death.

“I’m going to save my sister.”

In one of the most poignant scenes of the finale, Sara stood by Laurel’s grave and swore to become a hero in her sister’s honor, just as Laurel had become the Black Canary after Sara’s death. Legends showrunner Phil Klemmer has already talked about continuing this narrative thread in Season 2.

“Laurel’s death will resonate into Season 2. It just makes it seem so much larger and so much more real when something that happens on Arrow can create ripples that appear on our show. When something momentous happens in one, I think feeling the reverberations makes the universe feel coherent. It makes the universe feel big.”

It’s likely that he means that Sara will continue to grieve for her sister, but with a time travel show as logic-defying as Legends, the possibility remains that Laurel could make a cameo in Season 2.

The Canary sisters, Sara and Laurel.

The Canary sisters, Sara and Laurel.

Mapping out how this could happen is near impossible, thanks to the (and often convoluted) plots of Legends of Tomorrow. But with Season 1 establishing that alternate timelines are accessible to the Waverider, it’s entirely possible that Sara could reunite with her sister yet.

Overall though, my money’s on a brief follow-up to The Flash episode “Invincible”, with Earth-2 Laurel appearing to mess up Team Flash’s plans. Which is great, because Black Siren was deliciously bad.

Do you think Laurel Lance should return?

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