Legendary Pictures Reveals ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Release Date & Their Desire To Cast Scott Eastwood

Legendary Pictures recently unveiled the release date of the sequel , which is to appear in US theaters on February 23, 2018. That wasn’t the only news they announced, as talks about casting actor are possibly in the works.

The production company is remaining tight-lipped about Eastwood’s potential role, but we do know it would be of a key character. If the actor is indeed cast, he will appear alongside ( ), who will play the lead as ‘s () son, a pilot/marshal in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps named Stacker Pentecost.

Perhaps, Eastwood could be ‘s co-pilot? The Jaegers do require two pilots after all… The franchise’s second installment will be (Spartacus: Blood and Sand) and produced by the original’s director, (Pan’s Labyrinth).

The team of writers includes the same duo from Pacific Rim (2013), and Travis Beacham (Clash of the Titans), as well as several additions: Derek Connolly (), Zak Penn (), and Jon Spaihts ().

Clint Eastwood In Fistful Of Dollars/Ocean Films

Clint Eastwood In Fistful Of Dollars/Ocean Films

Regardless of whether Scott Eastwood lands a role in Pacific Rim 2, he will soon become a mainstream name. This is not because he is the son of legendary director/actor Clint Eastwood, known for his films and Million Dollar Baby (2004), amongst an array of other epic movies.

Scott may have begun his career by starring in some of his father’s productions like Gran Torino (2008) or Flags of Our Fathers (2006). However, he is quickly gaining his own independence and respect as an actor. While each of his current roles seem to be quite secretive, we do know which movies we can expect to see Scott Eastwood in.

Not only will the entertainer be featured in DC Comics’ upcoming (August 8, 2016), but also in the latest addition to the withstanding franchise Fast & Furious, entitled (April 14, 2017).

You can also expect to see him in (Sep. 16, 2016), directed by Oliver Stone (Platoon), alongside (). Warner Bros. better act fast, because Scott Eastwood might just be overbooked — and it won’t be long before his asking price skyrockets.

Are you excited to see Scott Eastwood appear in the Pacific Rim sequel?

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