Less Than 1 Hour Left And We Just Found Out Someone Dies On The Arrow Season 4 Finale

Less Than 1 Hour Left And We Just Found Out Someone Dies On The Arrow Season 4 Finale by Aryaman D , May 25th, 2016 at 4:29pm Share on Facebook Share to TwitterThere’s only a little while left till the Arrow Season 4 finale starts and I, like everybody else hopes it will be as good as the Flash finale (which by the way will have no interaction with this finale). Obsessed With Everything were able to catch a quick little interview. Before getting to talk about his helmet and how people (not including me) didn’t like it. There was a little conversation where David Ramsey said:Thanks, now I’m going to spend the next hour creating random theories on who dies. He also told us that his character of Diggle was not one of the people that die. Thank God, he brings something to the show that even I can’t describe. His character presence just makes everything better.Who could this character be. After the devastating death of You Know Who (not Voldemort), I personally don’t trust the writers and believe that anyone is in danger. Some of the main possibilities are:FelicityThere are some fans that really like this character and some that despise her. From being a person stuck in the middle, trying to speculate if she dies is really hard. But just after killing You Know Who I think the writers are going to let her escape this one.TheaPlease no!I personally love Thea’s character, not just because she’s Red Arrow, but because the actress is extremely talented, she brings cheesy one-liners, and being a sister of Oliver I personally don’t want to see any more gravestones with the words Queen on them.MalcolmI loved Malcolm’s character in the first 3 season and their is a reason I said lov ed. His character himself is now useless and he’s just a little annoying little brat on the side causing trouble for everyone. I personally think that he probably has the highest chance of death and a little bit inside me wants him to die. But one last thing I have to admit, John Barrowman is an excellent actor and addition to the show, so it’s really hard debating if he should die.Donna SmoakIf it’ll stop the useless Felicity drama then why not. Except for the fact that she’s probably the lightest (lightest in the sense not dark) character on the show. She brings the comedy, the laughs, the tears, and the happiness on this show. I wouldn’t want her to go.Quentin LanceLike Malcolm, Quentin’s character is useless. After the death of you know who he really has no relation to the team, to the show, and to the plot. It would be sad to see him go but there’s a high chance in my opinion he might be one of the victims.My final guess would be that when David Ramsey said that people would die he just meant those extras that get blown up or destroyed every episode.Who do you think will die in the season finale!