Let’s Hope the Hulk Can Do This in Thor: Ragnarok!

Through all the Hulk comics and movies, we’ve seen reincarnation after rebirth after makeover of the jolly green giant.

On our televisions, it started with Bill Bixby-

And Lou Ferrigno-

Look at the cute Thor!
Look at the cute Thor!

Then Eric Bana took over-

And become Artsy Fartsy Contemplative Hulk-

Edward Norton took a stab at it,

But the producers made him angry. Didn’t they know they wouldn’t like him when he’s angry?

Now, we’ve reached Hulk nirvana, with Mark Ruffalo-

Taking Hulk places we’ve only dreamed (Sakaar! Please!)

In the comics, it’s been one windy, crazy road. And colorful!

courtesy gizmodo

courtesy gizmodo

From Gray Hulk in the beginning-

To Totally Awesome Boy Band Hulk-

Out of all of the versions of the Hulk we have and haven’t seen, one that I think everyone would absolutely LOVE to see is…

World Breaker Hulk!

He’s tied to the World War Hulk storyline, and it’s rumored that Thor: Ragnarok .

So what makes World Breaker Hulk so special?

Well, since it looks like the entire universe could crumble due to the events of Ragnarok, normal everyday Hulk just might not be enough. We might need a Hulk that’s stronger and more vicious than ever!

What can he do when he’s this insanely angry?

This with his eyes and the rest of his gamma-emitting body-

And this:

With just his hands. Not your normal thunderclap…this one shoots out some major gamma radiation!

With Ragnarok coming, who knows? We might need Hulk to split a planet in two, like he almost did part of the U.S.:

If World Breaker Hulk can take down Red Hulk with his gamma clap-

Then I’m sure he could at least knock a god like Hela, being played by Cate Blanchett in Thor: Ragnaboob-

Er….Raganarack. Damn! RagnaROK. Sorry.

After everything is said and done, and the bad guys and gals all dead, would this not be the image to end the movie with?

courtesy...whoever those guys are

courtesy…whoever those guys are

Except, let’s hope it won’t be Earth exploding in the background there.