Lights Out

Feature Trailer for Lights Out.

Rebecca ( ), after hearing from her younger brother Martin ( ), is being stalked by a supernatural entity only visible in the dark, which she links to a failed experiment with a childhood friend that happened many years ago.You gotta love Horror film budgets, Lights Out only cost $5 million to make and produce.

The film took just over a month to shoot. Principal photography on the film began on June 29, 2015 and wrapped on August 5, 2015.

Lights Out Feature Trailer Screen Shot
With just 5 reviews so far, the film has a 100% rating on .
You gotta love a fresh story like Lights Out after all the remakes and franchises in Hollywood. You can always count on and for new films.

With that said this film pushes audiences into a somewhat unique story line that is sure to have you a little more scared of the dark, if you are not already. Horror guru James Wan ( , Conjuring, Insidious) is part of the project so you know you can expect some first class horror.

Lights Out Feature Trailer Screen Shot 2
I love the scene in the beginning of the trailer with Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) in her room and turning on/off the light and Diana keeps appearing and disappearing with each flick. And the red light especially adds a great feel to the scene and sets the mood for what viewers are about to see for the rest of the trailer.

“Everyone is afraid of the dark, and that is what she feeds on”.
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