Mads Mikkelsen’s ‘Doctor Strange’ Villain: 5 Facts You Need To Know About Kaecilius In The MCU

Marvel has done a great job with keeping this November’s Doctor Strange a mystery. However, because of its obscurity for the general movie-going audience, the company is wisely releasing more and more information about the characters and plot as the release date for the highly-anticipated superhero film approaches to complement the teaser trailer we got a few months ago.

One of the characters that has largely been an enigma is Mads Mikkelsen’s villainous character. Two weeks ago, , we discovered that the actor would be playing Kaecilius, a minor villain in the comics that’s been given a more prominent role for the movie. Now, Marvel has released the first half of the official , which gives us a better understanding of the character in the MCU. So, here are five facts you need to know about the movie version of the character to have a better understanding of him and what his motivations are in Doctor Strange:

1. He Hasn’t Always Been A Villain

In the story, it’s revealed that Kaecilius hasn’t always been the villain that we briefly met in the teaser for Doctor Strange. In fact, he worked for the Ancient One alongside other masters of the mystic arts to stop a wayward female novice who stole a mystic artifact that swallows light and, well, throws darkness.

Through this short story, certain aspects of his personality shine a light on what to expect from the character later on, such as his strict nature. Of course, if previous iconic and wise movie mentors have taught us anything, is that a strict exterior doesn’t necessarily make you a bad guy… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a clue at things to come.

But there’s a really interesting question to ask here: Will we see his turn to the dark side in the film? Or will we be filled in through the prelude comic books, similar to what in the lead up to Batman V Superman?

2. He Was A High-Ranking Master Of The Mystic Arts

In the issue, we discover that Kaecilius was not only a good guy but a high-ranking member of the Masters of the Mystic Arts. Evidently he is just as powerful as his companions. However, having such a high rank in a prestigious group of ancient sorcerers raises the question of what motivated him to turn to the dark side.

Was he seeking a greater power? They could also take a more original route and have him be disappointed with the ways and methods of his former group — maybe a little bit of Anakin Skywalker in there? That would give the story the ambiguity that we very rarely see in our beloved comic book films.

3. His Wields A Pair Of Scythe Daggers As His Weapons Of Choice

Perhaps an indication of things to come, Kaecilius sports a very different type of weapon than his fellow Master of the Mystic Arts. Of the four sorcerers, three of them wield magical staffs. On the other hand (Hehehe, pun), Kaecilius wields a pair of scythe daggers. What can this difference in weapons of choice mean?

Could it be that, as I previously mentioned, Kaecilius isn’t comfortable with the established rules? What if, like in Harry Potter, a weapon makes a connection with a specific person and said individual is destined to wield it?


A big aspect of modern superhero cinema is that the villain isn’t really a threat to the hero. Yes, they are challenges for the protagonist to overcome but they eventually become disposable plot points. If this comic book is any indication, Kaecilius will hopefully be something different. During the story, Kaecilius is -at first- defeated by the female traitor, but comes back and takes down the young apprentice with the combined powers of his fellow Masters.

The power shown in the comic book makes Kaecilius an already formidable opponent but not strong enough to take on several Masters, which – – is something he does once Stephen Strange takes the mantle of the Sorcerer Supreme.

Regarding the look, he isn’t sporting the burnt eyes seen in several pictures and the first trailer; this, along with his superior strength could mean a different source of power for the villain. Who or what is the source? Could it be the infamous Dormammu pulling the strings from behind the curtain? Was it given to him by a treacherous Mordo?


In the very first page of the comic book, we see Wong approaching the young wayward novice that stole the mystical swallower of light, thrower of darkness.

In the last panel of the page, we get a good look at the young woman. I don’t know about you, but to me, she looked strikingly similar to a female follower of Mads Mikkelsen’s character, .

Now, I could be (and quite possibly am) completely wrong, but you can’t deny they look very similar. Honestly, seeing such an important connection to the plot of the film so early could be a really cool aspect that we hungry movie fans would greatly appreciate.


What I find fascinating is that Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange‘s director), Robert Cargill & Jon Spaihts (the writers) and Marvel, are taking on the challenge of grabbing a C-list villain from the comic books and giving him a prominent role, with an amazing actor to top it all.

A very intelligent step to accomplish this was this prelude comic book, which gives a background for a character whose story we can now explore deeper. Hopefully this breakdown gave you a clearer idea of who the MCU version of Kaecilius is and help you get more out of the highly-anticipated Doctor Strange.


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