Marvel’s Investigating Partially Shooting Black Panther In Africa

Wakanda, the fictional nation in the Marvel cinematic universe and kingdom of the Black Panther, was featured in Avengers: Age of Ultron but only for a small part. This was part of the reason for why the film was partially filmed in South Africa. This of course, set up for the debut of the Black Panther. With production of Black Panther beginning in early 2017, it looks like Marvel Studios may be taking it back over there.

Filming Black Panther in Africa is going to add a hell of a lot of authenticity to the film. Especially with the cast being mostly composed of African-Americans, and Wakanda being based in Northeastern Africa. It would only make sense to shoot the film in a place where most Africans live as described by Marvel producer Nate Moore, in an interview with The Undefeated:

“The film is being co-written by Coogler and Joe Robert Cole, a black writer who wrote a few episodes for FX’s recent and popular The People v. O.J. Simpson (and who came out of that Marvel writers’ program years ago). And it’s shooting in places where black people live. “We’ll do our stage work in Atlanta,” Moore said. “And we’re definitely investigating shooting in Africa … both Marvel and Ryan feel that would be really good for the movie. We just haven’t drilled down on it yet.” Also: The expected release date for the Black Panther film is 2018, in the thick of Black History Month.”

We’ve already seen a glimpse of how Wakanda’s geography is meant to look in the first after credits scene in the newly released film Captain America: Civil War. Fans saw how technologically advanced the country is hidden behind a jungle with an original tribal like society. We haven’t fully seen anything yet until the film is released, which is going to happen in two years. A lot is going to being expected from Black Panther, the anticipation is only beginning.

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Esteban Cepero

Esteban Cepero

Isn’t this crazy?!