Marvel’s Netflix Trailer Reveals That The Defenders Are So Dysfunctional That They Can’t Even Save Themselves

Remember back when Ben Affleck’s movie made Daredevil a laughing stock? During San Diego Comic Con this week, Marvel pushed memories of this travesty even further towards the back of our thoughts with the release of not one, but three new Netflix trailers that blew out collective minds. Comic book fans have genuinely never had it so good.

Sweet Christmas, indeed.

While and gave us goosebumps, the trailer that excited us most was for The Defenders, an unprecedented TV event that will combine all four of Marvel’s Netflix projects into one oddball team of superhero vigilantes.

Our excitement may seem strange considering that The Defenders trailer didn’t use any actual footage, but confirmation that the show will debut in 2017 was welcome news indeed, even if it means that we will have to wait just a little bit longer for .

That’s not all though: After each of the four central characters are showcased in the trailer, Daredevil’s mentor Stick speaks in a chilling voice-over, uttering two simple sentences that reveal far more about The Defenders than we would have ever thought possible:

“You think the four of you can save New York? You can’t even save yourselves.”

The Defenders Via Netflix
The Defenders Via Netflix

Forget or even , It looks like the Defenders are going to have a hard enough time just helping themselves out. Each of the four individual members possess huge personalities and differ wildly in their approach to crime-fighting, so join us as we try and foreshadow exactly what Stick’s ominous words mean for our favourite heroes.


A key theme that runs through both of Daredevil’s seasons so far has been Matt Murdock’s morality: Torn between his religious upbringing and an overwhelming responsibility to Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil has made some questionable choices in the past, heading down a self-destructive path in his quest to always do the right thing.

Stick’s involvement in the trailer heavily suggests that , which could become a huge problem for Murdock if Elektra ends up leading the shadowy organisation. After all, Season Two already delved into how dysfunctional the pair are together and if they are pitted against each other in all out war, Daredevil will struggle to help his teammates defeat Elektra’s forces due to both physical and mental issues.

Jessica Jones

As the second Defender to hit our screens in a solo venture, Jessica Jones was always going to be , but out of all four members, the private detective also seems like the one least likely to work well alongside her fellow teammates.

While Jessica has slowly begun to heal after the emotional fallout of her abuse at the hands of Kilgrave, Jones still suffers from both alcoholism and PTSD, two severe psychological issues that could potentially hinder Jessica and the team as a whole at crucial moments.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage may not have appeared in his own show just yet, but we already know a lot about the Hero for Hire even before , thanks to a prominent role in the first season of Jessica Jones.

Despite his literally tough exterior, Cage isn’t quite as strong as you would think though; Luke is constantly hindered by an overwhelming sense of guilt over both the death of his wife and the actions he was forced to take while under the influence of Kilgrave’s power.

Luke’s looking a bit cagey.

However, by the end of Jessica Jones, it seemed like Cage was on the road to recovery, suggesting that out of everyone on the team, Luke is the most emotionally well-adjusted. When shit hits the fan, Cage will be the one who pulls the team together.

Iron Fist

Aside from , the world still knows very little about Netflix’s take on Danny Rand, the superhero most famously referred to as Iron Fist.

Iron Beard more like it.

Iron Beard more like it.

However, using information we’ve gathered from the promo and , it seems as though Danny’s return to New York City will come after a long period away, suggesting that Rand may struggle to reintegrate with Western society while still dealing with the death of his parents in a world that’s now completely alien to him. It’s not all fun and games being a superhero, you know.

How Will The Defenders Work As A Team?

The Defenders are kicking ass and taking names.

The Defenders are kicking ass and taking names.

Out of all four members of the Defenders, comic book history suggests that Luke Cage and Iron Fist will work together the best, as the duo even formed their own team in the past called Heroes For Hire. However, even they often bicker in the comics — Cage’s brute force stands in direct contrast to Rand’s martial artistry and their wildly different economic backgrounds could be a source of contention too, as Iron Fist’s wealthy inheritance was sometimes an issue for Cage in the past.

Cage may also have huge problems with Jessica Jones, as their relationship has been complicated to say the least. After all, it’s not every day that you discover your new lover murdered your wife under the influence of mind control.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage
Jessica Jones and Luke Cage

Finally, Daredevil may also struggle to deal with Jessica Jones’s brash behavior and thanks to his usually strict moral code, Murdock will almost certainly take issue with how the private detective ended her fight with Kilgrave in the Season One finale.

The Avengers may have fallen out with each other in the past, even taking part in their very own Civil War, but The Defenders could make the Kardashians looks positively angelic in comparison. What will set them apart though is that the relationships within the team will have developed organically from literally hours of detailed character building, which means that if everything goes to plan, The Defenders could genuinely be the best superhero property ever adapted for live action.

What do you think will happen in Season One of The Defenders? How will the team form and who will they fight?

We think it’s safe to say that there will be a lot of this.


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