Matt Damon Reveals He’s Still Pissed About ‘Team America’ In Candid AMA

Matt Damon has opened up about everything from that unflattering portrayal in Team America to challenging weight loss transformations in a candid Reddit AMA, and not even Ben Affleck is spared from his uncensored comments.

The 45-year-old star made an appearance on the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet” to promote his new movie Jason Bourne and, if you don’t believe it’s really the Martian actor talking, he provided proof to the contrary below:

Matt Damon's Reddit AMA

Matt Damon’s Reddit AMA

But now, let’s get on to some of the enlightening nuggets that the golden goose laid during his time in the Reddit hot seat and get a better sense of what the acclaimed actor is really like as a mere mortal.

Matt Damon Still Isn’t Totally Down With ‘Matt Damon’

Matt Damon is arguably as famous for his mentally challenged character who constantly utters his own name like a humanoid Pokémon as he is his high flying career, but the star still isn’t 100 percent happy with how his image was used.

Reddit user asked Damon how he felt when he found out about his involvement in the Trey Parker and Matt Stone penned movie, and he replied:

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Sry, Ben!

, but Damon went ahead and dropped Ben’s little bro’s name when Reddit user asked who his favorite actor to work with was.

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To be fair, naming the older Affleck would be a bit too obvious, and at least he’s keeping it in the family. Right, Ben?

Hello darkness my old friend…

Frenemies For Life <3

Reddit user bought the convo back to Matt’s bud Ben later in the AMA when asking about Good Will Hunting. Damon freely admitted this was one of the most transformative moments in his career and gave a shoutout to his long-time pal; but, like a true friend, he also managed to drop in some subtle burns. Giving yourself all the good roles, eh Ben?

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The Art Of Suffering

A seriously skinny Matt Damon in 'Courage Under Fire'

A seriously skinny Matt Damon in ‘Courage Under Fire’

Like many award-winning actors, Damon has been prepared to suffer for his art and undergo some pretty , but it’s a role from earlier in his career that still haunts him.

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While , pure chicken breast doesn’t seem much better, and when you see the results it’s truly disturbing.

Pimp Slapping A Knife-Wielding Assassin Realness

Naturally, the Bourne movies were high on the agenda, and when asked by what he immediately thinks of when he hears the words “Jason Bourne,” Damon replied:

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A Shoutout To The Lookalikes Out There!

Matt Damon and his Reddit lookalike

Matt Damon and his Reddit lookalike

Reddit user has always been told he looks like a young Matt Damon and he seriously blew the star away with The same user also asked what working with Robin Williams was like and, just like anyone who has ever worked with the late star, Damon was laden with praise for the comedy genius.

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You REALLY Need To Go To His House For Taco Night

I LOOOOOVE Matt Damon!

asked Damon the relatively serious question about how he chooses to say yes or no to a script, but all eyes were really on his mouthwatering, masterful and damn right right answer on how to make the perfect taco.

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Oh, And Julia Stiles Smells Like…

This better be good, Damon...
This better be good, Damon…

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I knew it!

Check out the trailer for below and let’s all fly to the cinema to support this true G and his work:

What a beautiful taco chomping, best bud banter making, pimp-slapping star. Cheers, Matt!

What would you ask Matt Damon if you had the chance?

Too cute!


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