Me So Thor-ny! Five Of Thor’s Sexiest Moments In The MCU

As I mentioned in my previous post about , Thor is my all time favorite Avenger. I have to be honest, I’m a chick, and a big reason Thor is my favorite Avenger is due to the man being so damn sexy. Don’t get me wrong, I also love his superhuman strength and power and his Shakespearean style of speech. Actually, now that I think about it, that only adds to his sexiness. With that being said, allow me to provide y’all with the five sexiest moments from the smokin’ hot thunder god.

5. Tony’s Big Party In Avengers: Age of Ultron

Thor slayed all competition at Tony’s victory party, literally and figuratively. All while wearing a casual suit that fit him to perfection, he drank Asgardian liquor like a boss and proved that . When Ultron crashed the shindig, Thor told the robot to GTFO as only he could.


4. Thor Takes Care Of Jane

After Jane unwittingly became a host for The Aether in , the poisonous substance basically began sucking the life from her body. By the time she, Thor and Loki traveled to Svartalfheim (how do you pronounce that?), she no longer had the ability to stay conscious. Thor took it upon himself to cover her with a blanket and he watched her as she slept, all the while letting Loki know that he no intention of losing her any time soon. I love a man that protects his lady.

3. Thor Explains The Convergence

Another Thor: The Dark World moment (why does everyone hate this film?): Jane asked Thor how she could’ve possibly encountered The Aether on another world, and Thor explained the convergence by placing his hand against hers, speaking with his sexy, baritone voice and looking deeply into her eyes. Then he ended his lesson with a gentle kiss. *Swoon*

2. Thor Wears Jeans For The First Time

God bless Levi’s.

Long story short, when Thor was stuck on Earth in his , Jane gave him some old Midgardian clothes to wear, and oh my God…he looked hot to death! He sealed the deal by shouting out, “This mortal form has grown weak! I need sustenance!”

1. Thor And Jane’s First Kiss

Before Thor went back to Asgard in his first film, he let her know that he’d return for her (which he did, eventually), and they shared an intense goodbye kiss. Honestly…who didn’t melt during this scene? It’s one of the reasons I love Thor and Jane together!

What do you consider to be Thor’s sexiest moment— or moments— in the MCU? Please, give me your thoughts in the comments section!


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