Mel Gibson Was Almost Cast As Odin In Marvel’s ‘Thor’

Mel Gibson Was Almost Cast As Odin In Marvel’s ‘Thor’ by Kristin Lai , May 26th, 2016 at 11:40am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterA popular pastime here at Movie Pilot is taking a look back at the castings that almost were, and the movies they could have become.Whether it’s the idea of Jennifer Lawrence almost playing Bella in Twilight instead of taking on The Hunger Games or Tom Hanks’s name being thrown around to play the titular role in Jerry Maguire , Hollywood has a long list of might have beens.Blood FatherWhile promoting his upcoming film Blood Father , the controversial actor told The Guardian that he was almost cast as a major character in the MCU. Back before the 2011 movie started production, Mel Gibson was tapped to play the role of Thor’s father, Odin. When asked if he had ever been close to snagging a superhero role, he said:MarvelInstead the role of Odin was given to Sir Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins has since reprised his role in Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok . Just to get a taste of who else was in talks to star in Thor in 2011 :Channing Tatum as ThorScreen GemsDuring pre-production for Thor, director Kenneth Branagh took meetings with Channing Tatum to discuss him portraying Marvel’s resident Norse god, Thor. Tatum has since stated that it was a decision based on Hemsworth’s blond haired and blue eyed aesthetic:Ultimately a good decision. Tatum will hopefully get his time to shine as a superhero soon as Gambit in an X-Men spinoff movie.MarvelJosh Hartnett as LokiUniversal PicturesWhile it’s hard to imagine anyone but Tom Hiddleston playing the wily God of Mischief, it was almost Josh Hartnett who donned the green cape. According to rumors in 2009, Hartnett wanted to take the villain down a very Heath Ledger-ish role:Things turned out okay for Hartnett though, who now stars in the Showtime series Penny Dreadful .MarvelI have to say — as talented as I think Channing Tatum, Josh Hartnett and Mel Gibson are — I’m glad the castings turned out the way they did.The third installment of the franchise Thor: Ragnarok , will be released on July 28, 2017.(Source: The Guardian )