Move Over Annabelle: A ‘The Conjuring 2’ Spin-Off Is in the Works

If Hollywood was a video game, would be leveling up by the minute (sorry, on the brain). As if starting several hugely successful horror franchises (Insidious franchise, The Conjuring franchise, Saw franchise) wasn’t enough, he’s moving into the superhero realm with and is now at risk of a new reputation: Spin-Off King.

Perhaps an impetuous order after only a weekend in theaters (though bringing in a decent $40 million), has a spin-off in the works. And it’s based off of a character in the film that wasn’t even in the original script. David Leslie Johnson, who co-wrote The Conjuring 2, has been hired to write The Nun, a new horror film based on the villain that terrorizes the Warrens and their poor clients.

Back off, I've got my own movie.

Back off, I’ve got my own movie.

After the success of The Conjuring in 2013 there was enough buzz over the film’s opening sequence telling the story of another of the Warren’s scary cases, Annabelle the haunted doll, that a spin-off was ordered. 2014’s Annabelle was successful bringing in $260 million and garnering set for 2017.

And just think, The Nun could have been The Demon. Originally James Wan had written and filmed a horned demon villain that was spooking the characters but had a last minute revelation of something a bit more original, as far as horror villains go. He pitched the idea of an evil-looking gun to execs who let him replace the horned demon a mere three months before the film’s release.

Where was the 'Legend' spin-off?

Where was the ‘Legend’ spin-off?

Sounds like James Wan can basically do whatever he’d like now. We’ll shell out the money to see it, but seriously James, whose going to pay our therapy bills for all these nightmares?

Will you watch The Nun?


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