‘Mr. Robot’ Officially Renewed For Season 3 — But What’s Next For Elliot?

and it looks like there will be plenty more opportunities for it to do so as USA Network officially picked up the series for a third season. The hacker drama is currently halfway through its 12 episode sophomore season and the mysteries continue to baffle fans week after week.

NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment President Chris McCumber had this to say:

“We couldn’t be more proud of ‘Mr. Robot,’ a series that has pushed boundaries, captured the cultural zeitgeist and been honored as one of the best dramas on television… Midway through its second season, ‘Mr. Robot’ continues to break new ground and open up new opportunities for the network. We can’t wait to see where Sam Esmail and the entire brilliant Robot team take us next.”

Although some were skeptical of a renewal due to the lower ratings the series has been receiving this year, Mr. Robot continues to be one of the most discussed shows on TV. Although the second season still has to play out, I can’t help but wonder what may lie ahead in the third season.

Elliot Back In Control

Will Elliot take back control of his life?
Will Elliot take back control of his life?

Elliot was at his best during the first season when he was the one in control of everything. Remember when he had the CD wallets full of everyone’s personal information? Elliot was in control then and he was ahead of everyone else. However, since Elliot found out about Mr. Robot existing only in his head, he’s lost control and it has been a power struggle to get it back ever since.

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Season 2 has focused heavily on the power struggle between Mr. Robot and Elliot and only a couple of weeks ago the pair came to the realization that one cannot survive without the other. Hopefully a third season will see Elliot back in control of his faculties and — more importantly — back in control of himself.

Elliot Rejoining Fsociety

Will Elliot finish what he started?

Will Elliot finish what he started?

Although he has been helping Darlene in recent episodes, Elliot is still very much in isolation and unfortunately it’s having a negative effect on him. The Fsociety hackers have been continuing their mission, now with Darlene in control, but it’s just not as much of a team now that Elliot is not in the picture.

The third season will hopefully see Elliot regain more of himself and, in doing so, regain control of FSociety. Elliot may be a complex character, but the mission cannot be completed without his expertise.

Hopefully Dominique Will Stick Around

Dominique is more interesting than we know.

Dominique is more interesting than we know.

I know guys, she’s exposing Fsociety, I shouldn’t like her but I just can’t help it — I’m drawn to her. There is something enchanting about her and it’s something that her co-workers seem to overlook. She’s such a complex character and I cannot help but be intrigued by her. I definitely think there is more to her than meets the eye and it’ll be interesting to see how far she gets with exposing Fsociety.

Moreover, she’s on to China’s Minister of State Security, who we the viewers know to be Whiterose, but will she work out that he is connected to the Dark Army? Grace Gummer has been doing a wonderful job playing such a complex character, I hope she sticks around for Season 3.

Alternate Realities Explored Further

Do alternate realities exist on "Mr. Robot"?

Do alternate realities exist on “Mr. Robot”?

There have been exploring the idea of alternate realities within the show and there has been evidence to suggest this is so, specifically the scene that saw Elliot hunt through his collection of torrented films. Moreover, now with Operation Berenstain being a crucial part of the second season, there are definitely hints that alternate realities exist within the show’s universe.

Whiterose also raised the possibility when talking with Dominique several weeks ago. Whether or not we are experiencing an alternate reality within the Mr. Robot universe, the fact that series creator Sam Esmail included the possibility of such a storyline being explored in the script leads us to believe that all is not as it seems in Mr. Robot. I would definitely been keen to see this concept explored further in Season 3 and beyond.

When you hear that “Mr. Robot” has been renewed.

Mr. Robot continues to be one of the most complex shows on television and the writing and acting is always topnotch. The amount of Emmy nominations that the show received is further proof that Mr. Robot has been connecting with viewers around the world. I eagerly await the third season. Until then, friend.

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