My Top Twenty Favorite Slasher Films Part One

I love slasher films and while the subgenre seems to be traditionally marginalized by the stereotypical cliches of it (IE “The Rules” from Scream and stuff made fun of in The Cabin in The Woods). Even so, I think that this subgenre does have a lot of gems that I will now list and later expand upon on individual posts and reviews if there’s enough interest/comments about them so feel free to let me know. This isn’t to say that there aren’t some slashers that I just find to be junky entertainment that will be listed as well that aren’t all trying to reinvent the wheel or do anything too fancy. So without further ado let’s begin. The Burning

Prom Night

The Hitcher

Motel Hell

Silent Night Deadly Night

Halloween II


April Fools Day

Hell Night


So there you have the first half of my favorite slasher films. What’s your favorite slasher film? What do you think of the slasher subgenre? Comment below and share the love!Prosit!