Natural Chemistry: Game Of Thrones’ Biggest Potential Pairing Wasn’t Even Scripted!

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been 12 days since the shocking and exciting finale to the sixth season of Game of Thrones. It feels like it’s been much, much longer than that, with everyone eager to get straight back into the world of Westeros. With Season 7 not expected for another year people are certainly starting to suffer from Westeros withdrawal.

Luckily, there’s still a ton of awesome Game of Thrones related information that’s come out since the finale aired, like this piece of news that I’m sharing with you today! You remember that one scene from Season 6 featuring Daenerys Targaryen and Yara Greyjoy right?

Of course you do! Who could forget a scene filled with so much chemistry? Yara and Dany had so much flirtatious dialogue with each other, that fans instantly started pairing them up as quickly as they paired up Brienne and Tormund!



But was the show really hinting at a future romance between the Queen of Dragons and the should-be Queen of the Iron Islands? Well, according to Yara herself, that wasn’t really the case at all. At least, not in the original script.

Gemma Whelan, the actress who portrays Yara Greyjoy, spoke about the chemistry between her and Emilia Clarke, who portrays Danearys Targaryen, in a recent interview with Vulture. Apparently, in the script, there weren’t any romantic cues at all! So where’d it all come from?

Gemma: “It just turned out that Emilia [Clarke] and I had some chemistry going on! It was probably intended in the script, but it didn’t need writing down because it was so well-written.”

Now it may just have TWO queens!

So, the script never really gave off any flirty vibes between the two Westeros women, it was all in the way Gemma Whelan and Emilia Clarke delivered their lines.

Gemma went on to talk about why Yara and Dany had so much on-screen chemistry together, chalking it all down to a good old-fashioned test of wits:

Gemma: “I suppose we’re matching each other. We’re testing each other’s mettle with our very sparse dialogue there, and we get the idea, we get the cut of each other’s jib quite quickly, and we like the size of each other — what we have to say, what we both stand for, is appealing. Not necessarily in a sexual way, but in the way that power is attractive, and it’s something we both want to achieve, and we can do it together.”

Friendship? Relationship? Doesn’t Matter!

A message that Gemma Whelan maintains throughout the interview is that Dany and Yara’s respect for each other doesn’t have to end in a romantic relationship, and she’s absolutely right.

While I’m certainly on team Dany/Yara (Dara? Yany? What’s the name here?), it’s nice to see that the writers aren’t necessarily pushing it, and it all looks to be a case of “whatever happens happens”.

Gemma: Emilia and I both enjoy the idea. [Laughs.] We get along very well, so we enjoy working with each other quite a lot. So maybe! I don’t know! It’s up to the writers and the machinations of their minds. We like each other, we reflect each other, and whether it’s more than friendship is irrelevant, really.

It’s wonderful to see that not only was the character’s amazing chemistry 100% natural, but that it could lead to anything at this point. Yara and friends as they take over King’s Landing.

Of course, we shouldn’t completely eliminate the possibility of them getting together either. During the interview, Gemma talked about Yara’s sexuality, and we know

Gemma: There’s a new saying going around, “pansexual,” which means if she’s up for it … I think she says, “I’m up for anything.” That’s her ethos. I don’t think she swings any way in particular, other than the way she feels at the time. She’s just open-minded, which fits the character perfectly.

So there’s a definite possibility that Yara will be interested in Dany. As for Dany’s interest in Yara…well, we all saw the eyes she was giving her.

I guess for now, Yara and Dany’s relationship is up in the air, and we won’t really know anything about it until Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres (hopefully) sometime next year!

Until then, keep on shipping Dany and Yara, whether as friends or something more, because these two are way too awesome to be apart!

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