Netflix And LOL: The 7 Best Comedy Shows Streaming On Netflix In June 2016

You’ve sifted through everything Netflix has to offer, from to . And of course, we can’t forget Netflix’s , from the supremely campy to the downright vomit-inducing.

But sometimes you just need to settle down to a good sitcom binge, to laugh your cares away — or maybe just laugh at a fictional larger-than-life goon, to make a change from the larger-than-life goons we laugh at in real life (looking at you, Trump). So here’s the best comedy Netflix has to offer, for when you just need a good chuckle.

1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

With Season 2 now streaming, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is one of Netflix’s strangest success stories, from the writers of 30 Rock. The show follows Kimmy, a recently rescued member of an apocalypse cult, as she navigates the weird and wonderful world of adulthood — and New York City.

Watch If You Like: Absurd, sometimes surreal, but ultimately uplifting comedy, with a dark edge.

Look Out For: Titus Andromedon (he totally steals the show), the war on hipsters in Season 2, and cleverly self-referential in-jokes.

Taster: “1996 called. It want its clothes back.”
“2090 called. You’re dead and you wasted your time on Earth.”

2. Arrested Development

OK, there’s no way you’re even slightly aware of Netflix (or the internet) without already knowing about the awesomeness that is Arrested Development. But just in case you haven’t got around to it yet, here’s another reminder that this is probably one of the best comedies ever to grace television.

Watch If You Like: Subtle satire on the American upper class, dysfunctional family relationships, and beads (bees?!).

Look Out For: Loose seals and Charlize Theron in Season 3.

Taster: “I mean it’s one banana, Michael. What could it cost, ten dollars?”

3. Modern Family (European Netflix)

Although there are only 4 seasons of Modern Family currently available on European Netflix, it’s high time you catch up with this fantastic show. The show follows the typical American extended family — Phil and Claire with their high school-age kids, Cam and Mitchell who’ve just adopted a baby from Vietnam, and the patriarch Jay, whose Columbian wife Gloria perpetually pronounces words wrong.

Watch If You Like: Mockumentary comedies with a lot of heart.

Look Out For: Lily — though she starts out as a baby, that kid is wickedly funny when she grows up a bit.

Taster: “I’m not stepping into that one. We’re not playing Good Cop / Mom.”

4. 30 Rock

It’s the show that made Tina Fey famous, in case you hadn’t heard of it already. 30 Rock follows the team responsible for putting on the most popular sketch comedy show on US television, and they’re just as overworked and whacky as you’d expect.

Watch If You Like: Commentary on American culture, through the lens of a comedy show about a comedy show.

Look Out For: Liz Lemon’s meme-worthy lines.

Taster: “Oh no, my period! You’re all fired!”

5. That ’70s Show

Back when Star Wars wasn’t cool, this show is set in, you guessed it, the 1970s, following a group of teenagers trying to just have a good time and evade their parents. Don’t let the cheesy costumes and classic sitcom laugh track fool you — this show has a serious edge to its humor and it’s definitely one of the best.

Watch If You Like: Teen shenanigans, pot smoking humor, and mockeries of the casual racism and sexism of the time.

Look Out For: Rising star Mila Kunis and rising-star-until-he-dropped-off-the-map Ashton Kutcher.

Taster: “I’m cold too.”
“Well damn Jackie, I can’t control the weather!”

6. Archer

It might be a cartoon, but there’s nothing childish about this show about the super spy Archer, his overbearing mother, and their gun-toting, drug-taking, code-cracking friends. Obviously, this show is not safe for work.

Watch If You Like: Seeing every insane spy trope sent up in a ridiculous fashion (and then probably fucked for good measure).

Look Out For: Sploosh.

Taster: “Stop, my penis can only get so erect!”

7. Grace And Frankie

Grace and Frankie is more of a dramedy than a straight comedy, but with hilarious scenes like the one above we really can’t leave this show off the list. When Grace and Frankie’s husbands divorce them (for each other) the two women are forced to live together. It’s a classic odd-couple setup — Grace is the uptight one who needs to learn to chill, and Frankie’s the hippie artist who drives Grace up the wall. It’s great.

Watch If You Like: Golden Girls style comedy with added emotional poignancy.

Look Out For: The sheer amount of yonic symbols Frankie has in her possession.

Taster: “Why is it, every time my family gathers for a meal, someone has to bring up my mother’s vagoo?”

What’s tickling your funny bone on Netflix?


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