Netflix Has Added A New Icon To Keep Their Current Logo Company: Which Version Do You Prefer?

has released a new logo! No worries, the one we have taken our time to know and love will remain. However, this new version is to be featured as an icon for social media and mobile apps.

New Netflix Icon Logo/Netflix
New Netflix Icon Logo/Netflix

Now that Netflix is so popular, it’s safe to assume they no longer need to feature the brand’s entire name in order to be recognized. The logo went from displaying the word “Netflix” to simply the letter “N.”

You’ll notice the top of the logo remains straight while the bottom is still curved upward. The N now has the feel of a folded ribbon or a red carpet on a black background. It also fills up most of the previously-unused negative space. How does that help?

Current Netflix Logo/Netflix
Current Netflix Logo/Netflix

Instead of struggling to read the tiny letters that spell Netflix, you will have a bold in-your-face design. That’s less time spotting the app and more time Netflix and chilling. Win-win!

The single-letter design is more compatible with social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter, as it is best suited for square-shaped or vertically-displayed icons. That’s precisely where you’ll see this new icon, while their current one will continue to be featured on their main website as well as on several other platforms (to promote their Netflix Original content, for example).

Netflix upset many users when they first changed their logo in 2014 upon transitioning out of the DVD ages. Remember the old-school white font with a black outline on a red background? Their changes flattened and simplified the font onto a white background, all while keeping their signature lower arc.

Although many Netflix viewers were disappointed with the new design at the time, it didn’t take long before they got comfortable with the new version. I bet the old logo had entirely disappeared from your minds before reading this news. Whether we like this new ‘do or not, like the old one, we will surely get used to it in no time.

Original Netflix Logo/Netflix
Original Netflix Logo/Netflix

Besides, we’re too busy binge-watching to spend much time noticing the logo anyways. , anyone? That’s right, Season 4 was just dropped. Priorities.

Which of the three versions do you prefer?

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