New ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Clips Paint a Foreboding Picture

If we thought the world had it bad back in ’96 when aliens first landed on earth in an attempt to wipe us out, these two news clips from the upcoming show things look just as dire for our returning characters, David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) and former President Whitmore (Bill Pullman).

Looks like Levinson has his work cut out for him, working with Dr. Catherine Marceaux (Charlotte Gainsbourg in a role that looks weirdly similar to Sally Hawkins’ non-descript scientist in 2014’s Godzilla) to put together the pieces of information they’ve gathered on the aliens since they were first defeated 20 years ago. Hanging out in some sort of African headquarters, Dr. Marceaux points out to Levinson a symbol that gets the same scared reaction from her patients. Looks like the aliens are still using a psychic connection to forecast their intentions.

Next, everyone’s favorite weirdo and resident alien expert, Dr. Okun (Brent Spiner), shows up in time to explain to President Whitmore that the alien voices he is hearing aren’t screaming — an easy mistake — but in fact expressing excitement. Uh oh, happy aliens usually make for unhappy humans.

These clips follow up the international TV spot which gave us our of the aliens queen.

Directed by Roland Emmerich, Independence Day: Resurgence open June 24, just in time for of alien ass-kicking. In addition to Pullman, Goldblum, Gainsbourg, and Spiner the film stars Liam Hemsworth, Judd Hirsch, Vivica A. Fox, Maika Monroe, Angelababy, Sela Ward and William Fichtner.

Do these new clips have you excited to see the destruction awaiting earth?


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